BOGOTÁ. Antioquia won the first place in the Elite National Track Championship Cali 2018, which concluded this Sunday at the Alcides Nieto Patiño Velodrome, accumulating 8 gold, 5 silver and 6 bronze medals; followed by Bogotá (4-6-4) and Valle (4-2-2). Boyacá was fourth with 2-6-5.

The last gold award of the 'maiceros' came through Fabián Puerta, who despite some physical discomfort of the first day after his participation in Bolivia ratified his status as world champion in Keirin, by defeating his countryman Rubén Murillo and the boyacense Ánderson Parra.

On his performance in the Cali velodrome, Puerta said: "For me it is very significant, I always get goosebumps because it is a track that gives me great sensations, it was the first in which I won a medal in a world championship , running here with the world champion shirt is very rewarding, Cali is my second home because of the way in which this scenario welcomes me, that is why the idea is to compete in the Central American countries in the best way and be able to provide gold medals, hopefully with this velodrome full. "

The members of the Colombia National Team will travel to Germany on June 18th to complete a preparation before the Central American Games and the C2 test that will be held on July 21 in Cali as a tribute to the world title of Fabián Puerta at Keirin.

On the other hand, the most outstanding cyclist of the contest was Martha Bayona, who with the uniform of Antioquia won 4 gold medals, after arriving from Cochabamba, where she also hung three medals with the Colombian National Team in the South American Games. In Cali he won the 500 meters, the Speed ​​teams (with Juliana Gaviria), the Individual Speed ​​and the Keirin.

"In Bolivia I won three medals and I came here with great enthusiasm, always trying to give the best in each race. This is the velodrome of the house, the best in Colombia, and always the desire is to run here, "said the 22-year-old Santandereana rider, who took the opportunity to greet her relatives in the San Martín neighborhood of Bucaramanga. With this background he hopes to return to Cali to look for the medals in the Central American Games.

For its part, Bogotá won the Mádison 20 km ladies to secure the gold, with Milena Salcedo and Jessica Parra; the silver was obtained by the Valle del Cauca (Marynes Prada and Lorena Colmenares), while the bronze medalist was obtained by Antioquia (Lina Hernández and Daniela Atehortúa).

The Mádison 25 km men was dominated by the Antioquenos Juan Esteban Arango and Brayan Sánchez; with silver medal for Bogota Paro and Edwin Ávila, and bronze for Valle del Cauca Dalivier Ospina.

The Keirin Damas left Antioquia winner with Martha Bayona, escorted by Bogotá (Diana García) and Juliana Gaviria (Antioquia).

In the balance sheet, palmirano Kevin Quintero shone after winning two gold medals: the 200 meters (with 9.9 seconds as the new national record) and the Kilometer men.

This Monday will be the Hernán Herrón National Circuit, in the surroundings of the Deportivo Cali Stadium. (