BOGOTÁ. The Passo Maniva, a port situated at 1800 meters above sea level, in the Lombardy region, will go down in the history of Colombian cycling as the day on which, after a clamorous exhibition, the Colombia Team, sponsored by the Colombian Federation of Cycling and Apple Postobón, obtained a great 1-2 with the Antioquenos Alejandro Osorio and Daniel Muñoz.

Osorio, born in the municipality of Carmen de Viboral, and Muñoz, a native of San Rafael, gave a demonstration of bravery and talent jumping from the lot at the start of the last port leaving the Austrian Markus Wildauer (Tirol Cycling Team) without options, who could not Do to respond to attacks and defend the leadership obtained in the Sestola stage.

The Colombians shined in the arrival passing holding hands as a sign of victory and companionship to conquer the goal after three hours, 13 minutes and 21 seconds.

"This shirt is dedicated to Daniel Muñoz, to the Colombian Cycling Federation, to all my team, and to all my family, I am very happy, a very complicated stage with a lot of climb. Daniel left eight kilometers away and I five, there was a leak, we took it and we arrived together. Now we have a shirt to defend with a strong team, "said Osorio, vice champion of the Vuelta de la Juventud.

"A fantastic stage, very tough but we had to risk everything, we had to show why we are the best in the mountains. We have given a sample of how strong we are, Cristian also came in the group with us showing that we have one of the strongest teams in the race, "said Muñoz, in charge of breaking the fraction in favor of Colombia at the decisive moment of the last ascent.

Cristian Muñoz entered fourth to nine seconds, Einer Rubio, 17 to 43, Wilmar Paredes, 21 to 57 and Luis Fernando Jiménez, 35 to 2:35.

This Tuesday will be the fifth stage between Darfo Boario Terme and Dimaro Folgarida, on a route of 127.8 kilometers and three categorized mountain prizes: one third and two first at the end. (www.federacioncolombianadeciclismo.com)