BOGOTÁ. The second day of high mountain, and the first as leaders of the general classification with Alejandro Osorio, was marked by a large flight that threatened to put in check the structure of the national team Manzana Postobón, who, however, moved his cards with success , determination and talent to conclude with victory a day in which stood out with high note Cristian Muñoz and Einer Rubio.

Muñoz broke the harmony of the lot with a distant attack that put in trouble all the aspirants to the title. The Boyacense started with strength and bravery to hunt the breakaway and go in search of the jackpot, dominating the mountain prizes preceding the goal, including Paso del Tonale.

The block of the national selected Manzana Postobón controlled the actions in the tip guarding Osorio, who maintained the sanity next to his companions to the hope that Muñoz solved the situation of the race that left in the locality of Darfo Boario Terme and finalized in the
Folgarida nature reserve, after 127.8 kilometers.

The feat of the Colombian ended when from the rear stepped the Kazakh Yuri Natarov (Astana City) and the British Stephen Williams (Seg Racing Academy). In the wake of the Europeans responded Rubio, who not only endured the pace but also showed strength to win his first international victory as a reserve runner.

"I thank the Federation for this beautiful opportunity they gave me to be here, fortunately we are a very strong team, we have already demonstrated and today I have been given a great opportunity, I have taken advantage of it and I am very happy about that" , said Rubio, winner with a time of three hours, 36 minutes and 47 seconds.

Williams benefited in the arrival with the second place bonus and stripped the lead to Osorio, who is now second to 13 seconds. Cristian Muñoz entered fourth again, and now he is the king of the mountain of the Italian event. "Today we came out with the mentality of attacking, we did it and I wanted to win the stage. The last thing was not given to me but I think we're in the fight. We did a good exhibition, "said Cristian, fourth overall, 24 seconds behind.

Colombia has dominated the two days of high mountain and has four riders in the Top-10 of the general classification. Ha Osorio and Muñoz, now join Rubio in the sixth box to 36 seconds, and Daniel Muñoz, to 56 in the tenth position.

The bad news of the day was the retirement due to fall of the champion of the Tour of Youth, Luis Fernando Jiménez, who could not continue product of a strong blow to the knee.

For this reason, this Wednesday will depart five runners in the half-day between Dimaro Folgarida and Pergine Valsugana, fraction of 120.7 kilometers with two prizes of third category.  (