CARACAS. The Tachiran Cycling Association (ATC) presented this Wednesday, at the Polideportivo de Pueblo Nuevo stadium in San Cristóbal, the official route of the 53rd edition of the Tour of Táchira of Cycling.

In total, there will be ten stages to travel for the cycling event, which will be held between the states of Merida, Barinas and Táchira from January 12 to 21.

"The course of this Fifty-third Tour of Táchira by Bike has been carefully structured, respecting the requirements of the International Cycling Union (UCI) and adapting it to our regional tour, emphasizing that the mountain and flat stages will be present in this edition of the competition ", Said William Rodríguez, director of the ATC.

With respect to the confirmation of foreign teams, Rodriguez stressed that it is expected that in the next few days the registration of the race against the UCI will be made official, to make known the foreign teams that will be participating in the round.

The tour presents 55 intermediate prizes, of which 40 are sprints and 15 mountain prizes (eight of the third five of the second and two of the first category), distributed among the ten chapters of the race.

The general tour will be 1445.2 kilometers and will bring together the most outstanding riders of Venezuela at international level during ten days of competition. (

Tour of the Táchira by Bike 2018:

1st stage - January 12: Concafe - Santa Bárbara de Barinas / 182,6 Km.
2nd stage - January 13: Suripá - San Cristóbal - Borotá / 173 Km.
3rd stage - January 14: Circuit S / C (5th Av. - 7th Av.) - Táriba / 147 Km.
4th stage - January 15: Colon - Coloncito - San Simón / 151 Km.
5th stage - January 16: La Fría - Tovar / 146.1 Km.
6th stage - January 17: Santa Cruz de Mora - La Grita / 167.9 Km.
7th stage - January 18: Umuquena - Michelena / 114.4 Km.
8th stage - January 19: Circuit in Rubio / 125 Km.
9th stage - January 20: Ureña - San Antonio (Circuit) - Cerro Cristo Rey / 123.2 Km.
10th stage - January 21: Circuit Avenida de España - Av. 19 de Abril / 115 Km.