If a cycling discipline will have a world and Olympic level at the Pan American Games in Santiago, Chile, it will be BMX Racing, since the Colombian Mariana Pajón, double Olympic champion and multiple universal monarch, assured that she will attend in search of her third crown in these events. .

Mariana is Colombia’s most successful athlete in the history of the Olympic Games, with three medals: gold in London 2012 and Rio 2016, and silver in Tokyo 2020. She has also shone in the Pan American Games, where she has won two golds (2011, 2019) and only a fall prevented him from fighting for another medal in 2015. Santiago 2023 is already waiting.

BMX Racing is essentially an extreme, contact sport, where spectators can witness riders touching each other in the chaos of the race, but intentionally preventing another rider from advancing can result in a penalty or disqualification.

In Santiago 2023, he will add points for the Olympic ranking for Paris 2024.

It is practiced with cross bikes, with 20-inch diameter wheels. Competitors need different types of protection, such as a helmet that covers their face, gloves, goggles, and a suit with long protective sleeves.

On Chilean soil we will see 20 names from 11 countries take off: Chile, Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Canada, Colombia, Ecuador, Peru, United States, Aruba, Venezuela. In addition, the champions of the Cali 2021 Pan American Games will be invited: Argentina’s Agustina Cavalli and Colombian Mateo Carmona.

The Santiago 2023 Pan American Games begin on October 20 and the day after the inauguration (in the morning) the first qualifying round will take place at the BMX Track in the Peñalolén commune. The scene will be ready for the medals to be distributed on Sunday the 22nd and it will be the second cycling specialty to have champions, only surpassed by MTB which will distribute medals on the 21st.


October 21:

10:30 a.m.: Women’s BMX Racing Time Trial

1055 a.m.: Men’s BMX Racing Time Trial

October 22:

From 10:00 to 12:50 p.m. Quarterfinals and Semifinals – Women

From 10:00 to 12:50 p.m. Quarterfinals and Semifinals – Men

1:30 p.m.: BMX Racing Women’s Final

1:30 p.m.: BMX Racing Final Men

Classified List – Female

     Agustina Cavalli – Argentina

     Shanayah Howell – Argentina

     María Alejandra Peinado Pizarro – Bolivia

     María Italy Enriquez Anaya – Bolivia

     Paola Reis Santos – Brazil

     Priscilla Andreia Stevaux Carnival – Brazil

     Molly Gwen Simpson – Canada

     Teigen Pascual Pascual – Canada

     Rocío Macarena Pizarro Araujo – Chile

     Rosario Fernanda Aguilera Martínez – Chile

     Gabriela Bolle Carrillo – Colombia

     Mariana Pajón Londono – Colombia

     Andrea Carolina González García – Guatemala

     Doménica Gissell Mora Cordero – Ecuador

     Doménica Michelle Azuero González – Ecuador

     Andrea María Susana Romero Díaz – Paraguay

     Micaela Ramírez Fernández Maldonado – Peru

     Daleny Vaughn – United States

     Payton Ridenour – United States

Classified List – Men

     Gonzalo Nahuel Molina – Argentina

     Nicolás Exequiel Torres – Argentina

     Nicolás Alejandro Arze Gómez – Bolivia

     Sebastián Rodrigo Arze Gómez – Bolivia

     Bruno Andrade Cogo – Brazil

     Pedro Vinicius Santos Medeiros De Queiroz – Brazil

     Curtis Krey – Canada

     Ryan Marcial Tougas – Canada

     Benjamín David Vergara Pinna – Chile

     Mauricio Ignacio Molina Vergara – Chile

     Carlos Alberto Ramírez Yepes – Colombia

     Diego Alejandro Arboleda Ospina – Colombia

     Mateo Carmona García – Colombia

     Cristhian Felicicimo Castro Cevallos – Ecuador

     Wilson David Goyes Larrea – Ecuador

     André Kenneth Lacroix Flores – Peru

     José Francisco Pedro Mamani Ruffasto – Peru

     Cameron Donald Wood – United States

     Kamren Larsen – United States

     Jefferson Jordan Milano Duran – Venezuela

     Jholman Andrés Sivira Abreu – Venezuela