The Gran Fondo (GF) Boyacá Mundial 2021 THE RETURN will be held on Sunday, October 17, on the roads of the department, the cradle of several of the best beetles in the history of the country, for which 1,700 practitioners have already confirmed their presence.

Only less than a month remains for one of the most anticipated events of the year in Colombia and one of the most prestigious in America to take place along the beautiful roads of Boyacá.

The fifth edition of the most exciting and demanding recreational cycling event in Colombia is loaded with new challenges, new landscapes, new ports and municipalities to discover, in addition to the hospitality and human warmth characteristic of Boyacenses. An adventure that will test your training and push you to the limit.

After the sad but responsible postponement of the event in 2020 due to the pandemic and a long wait full of mixed emotions, the world GF Boyacá returns full of hope and convinced of the importance of sport as the main ally of our physical and mental health.

The contest closes registrations on September 30 and the event director, Dr. Freddy Avella, pointed out: “1700 participants have already registered, which allows us to qualify this year’s version as THE RETURN to the joy and feelings awakened by returning to pedal trying to overcome the consequences of the pandemic that still threatens the planet ”.

In dialogue with the Mundo Ciclístico Magazine, Dr. Avella also stated: “We have to greatly appreciate the collaboration of the new mayor of the city, David Ortega, who has been pleased with the possibility of having the contest again in Duitama, aware of what what the Gran Fondo means as an engine for the economic reactivation of the city at the level of hotels, restaurants, tourism and service stations, among others, paralyzed since the previous year by the pandemic and also trying to return to a normality for which there is to keep fighting and taking care of yourself ”.

The Gran Fondo Boyacá Mundial 2021 THE RETURN will be held on Sunday October 17 on two beautiful routes to choose from in terms of distance and requirement: 140 and 88 kilometers, with departure and arrival in Duitama, which guarantees, as in previous years, a high level in terms of logistics and facilities, also having all the elements and protocols related to biosafety.