The president of the Tachirense IDT Sports Institute), José Gregorio Freites, referred to the preparations for the 58th edition of the Tour of Táchira, which has confirmed 25 teams for its start on January 15.

Freites highlighted the payment of the rights to the International Cycling Union (UCI) in advance, which was previously not done as a prerequisite before starting the race. “The debt for the past race and the rights for 2023 have been cancelled,” he said.

In this order of ideas, the president of the IDT stated that there are already consolidated stages, including the queen stage, the binational stage, which will touch Colombian soil on January 21 when the 7th day of this tour in Tachira will take place, which will end in the “Cerro Christ”. We hope it will be a quality event, he said.

He also confirmed the presence of six international and 19 national teams, including teams from Colombia, Mexico, Switzerland, Spain and Ecuador, for a total of approximately 160 cyclists who could participate in the Giant Tour of America.

Likewise, the highest rector of the sport in Táchira said that the tour of Tachira will touch municipalities such as Guásimos, Jáuregui, among others, but it will also arrive in the city of Mérida where a circuit will be held, for which reason the respective alliances are already being made. in each of these jurisdictions. Regarding the award, he said that it is already stipulated with the UCI on this issue.

Alliance with International Media

On the other hand, José Gregorio Freites also referred to what will be the meeting with the media to work in the best way as a team, especially when you have contacts with international channels such as RCN, ESPN and DIRECTV who are interested in broadcasting this top cycling event.