LIME. In a car in a difficult stage due to the route and complicated by meteorological reasons, Peruvian Royner Navarro, despite arriving second in the Stage, became the Leader of the General and virtual Champion of the XII Cycling Tour of Peru.

Cyclists left from the Plaza de Armas de Tarma in full rain to drive at controlled speed to the town of Palca. To avoid the work areas of widening bridges along the way.

The cold of the height of Tarma (3200 masl) added to the persistent rain that accompanied the runners to Palca, caused many cyclists to be shivering with cold.

The three categories: Elite, Masters and Ladies, gave birth together. The Bolivian corridors of Pio Rico came out determined to everything and started at full speed the vertiginous descent towards La Merced. But the members of Colombia and GH Antarkis respond quickly and it is they who pass along the route.

The rain was the great protagonist of the test, because in almost all the descent was present. In San Ramón the rain stopped, however it continued to appear after La Merced, but in exchange for Palca who felt cold, in La Merced the rain was accompanied by heat.

Several falls and accidents due to the steep descent and the wet track occurred today. Among them Gisselle Nieto, Freddy Gonzales, Jorge Garcia and Mario Beretta, the last two had to give up.

The last stage will be held on Sunday October 20 in the Plaza de Armas of Lima from 9:00 am and with the presence of Mr. Jorge Muñoz, Mayor of the Provincial Municipality of Lima. (APEJUC Communications Office)


  1. Hugo Ruiz (R33) 04:10:09
  2. Royner Navarro (ANT)
  3. Andy Limaylla (R33) +00:03:36
  4. Alejandro Muñoz (ANT) +00:16:44
  5. Johan Ayala (FHT) +00:17:19
  6. Juan Cotumba (PIO)
  7. Jorge Ramirez (FHT)
  8. Jefferson Sandoval (CPP) +00:18:51
  9. Alvaro Simon (R33)
  10. William Rodriguez (PIO) +00:19:01


  1. Royner Navarro (ANT) 10:24:41
  2. Hugo Ruiz (R33) +00:09:28
  3. Andy Limaylla (R33) +00:13:15
  4. William Rodriguez (PIO) +00:19:06
  5. Juan Cotumba (PIO) +00:19:07
  6. Jorge Ramirez (FHT) +00:23:14
  7. Alejandro Muñoz (ANT) +00:31:38
  8. Freddy Gonzales (PIO) +00:55:32
  9. Alvaro Simon (R33) +00:59:09
  10. Rolando Amargo (PIO) 00:59:49