The queen stage with closure in the Cerro de la Muerte sentenced the titles of Isabel García (Colono Construccion Bikestation) and Brayan Vargas (CCDR Cartago) in the Junior category. And ratified the first place of Marisol García (Colonist Construction Bikestation) and the Mexican Eduardo Hernández (Esparza Training-Chicote Valdez) in the Youth category.

This Sunday, August 21, the Vuelta Juvenil and Prejuvenil concluded in the canton of Pérez Zeledón. The last fraction took place from Palmares to La Georgina in a route of 52 kilometers for the male categories and 24 kilometers for the female categories, starting from the Mirador Valle del General.

The list of champions began to be made with the performance of the Mexican Eduardo Hernández (Esparza Training-Chicote Valdez) securing his title with second place in the stage, dominated by Jexon Ledezma (Campos-Zebol-ACCIPAL). While Gael Sancho (Colono Construccion Bikestation) and Ernesto Fernández (Campos-Zebol-ACCIPAL) took second and third place in the general classification, respectively.

The honor roll was completed José Pablo Murillo (Greek Cycling Association) became champion of the mountain and Joseph Hidalgo (PZ Cycling Team) of the flying goals.

For her part, Marisol García (Colonist Construction Bikestation) won first place overall, prevailing in the closing stage. On the final podium she was escorted by her partner Yiryel Piñar (Bikestation Construction Settler) and Fiorella Zamora (Greek Cycling Association).

The domain of the Bikestation Construction Settler was absolute with the titles of the Mountain and the Flying Goals of Marisol García (Bikestation Construction Settler) and Yiryel Piñar (Bikestation Construction Settler).

In the same way, Brayan Vargas (CCDR Cartago) had an extraordinary fraction conquering the partial victory, moving up five places in the general to take the title, beating the Aztec Aldo Emilio García (Esparza Training-Chicote Valdez) and José Pablo Sancho (PZ cycling team). The mountain general was for Sebastián Castro (PZ Cycling Team) and the flying goals for Alex Bolaños (Greek Cycling Association).

Finally, Isabel García (Colono Construccion Bikestation) confirmed the first place, made from the first day with a break in the Junior Women’s category, after finishing second in Cerro de la Muerte, behind Yailin Gómez (CCDR Cartago), second in the general ranking. Third place was occupied by Denise Rahilly (Team Puro MTB-Bianchi). Gómez took possession of the Mountain Classification and García of the Flying Goals.

Podium – Junior Female Category

1.Isabel García – Colono Construction Bikestation 4h:51:58

2.Yailin Gómez – CCDR Cartago +0:59

3.Denise Rahilly -Team Puro Mtb Bianchi +4:23

Podium – Junior Male Category

1.Brayan Vargas – CCDR Cartago 6h:12:30

2.Aldo Emilio García – Esparza Training-Chicote Valdez +3:44

3.José Pablo Sancho – PZ Cycling Team +3:53

Podium – Female Youth Category

1. Marisol García – Colono Construction Bikestation 5h:40:25

2.Yiryel Piñar – Colono Construction Bikestation +2:36

3.Fiorella Zamora Greek Cycling Association +5:01

Podium – Male Youth Category

1.Eduardo Hernández – Esparza Training-Chicote Valdez 7:02:58

2.Gael Sancho – Settler Construction Bikestation +1:29

3.Ernesto Fernandez – Campos Zebol ACCIPAL +1:44