The implementation of artificial intelligence systems in all areas is becoming more common. Of course, bicycles could not be alien to this technology. Acer, like other technology firms before it, has launched to manufacture an urban ebike capable of learning from our pedaling habits to offer us the appropriate assistance to our needs at all times.

It is not the first time that a technology firm has launched into the world of urban mobility. Surely we all have Xiaomi in mind, which revolutionized access to electric scooters and also has an attractive folding urban ebike in its catalog.

Now, another of the technological giants such as Acer is launching to manufacture its own urban ebike in which it has decided to put a good sample of its technology, where the inclusion of intelligent assistance for its motor stands out, which through AI algorithms is capable of learn from the cyclist’s preferences: the type of routes they usually do, the way they pedal, the preferred level of assistance… to automatically adjust the assistance of the motor in order to achieve a smooth pedaling with the minimum effort that, in addition , makes it unnecessary to have a gear change.

Not satisfied with that Acer. Its ebii, the name with which the Taiwanese firm defines its urban ebike, incorporates interesting security measures such as a detection system for approaching vehicles that helps to avoid collisions. To this is added its complete equipment of lights that not only includes the usual front and rear but also illuminates to the sides to ensure that we are seen.

This Acer ebii also turns to technology for its own protection. The bike has a security system that keeps it deactivated until we approach it and connects to the application installed on our mobile via Bluetooth. An application that also includes a route planner in which AI algorithms are also applied to learn from your preferences.

Beyond technology, this ebii has a modern and attractive design, with a central structure in which its removable 460 Wh battery is placed, capable of offering around 110 kilometers of autonomy to its 250 W motor and 40 Nm of maximum torque located at the rear wheel hub. Its single-sided design fork draws attention and the use of hydraulic disc brakes stands out, without a doubt a leap in quality compared to what is usual in urban bikes.

In addition, to avoid maintenance as much as possible and guarantee maximum reliability, Acer has opted for a very common solution in urban bikes, which is the use of solid tires that guarantee that we will not suffer punctures.

The price or the exact launch date of this ebii that promises to give a twist in the promotion of cycling as a means of transport has not yet been disclosed.