The first online stage of the Tour of Colombia 2024, with start in Guateque and finish in Chivatá, was won by Adrián Bustamante (GW Erco Shimano), who beat Rodrigo Contreras (Nu Colombia) and Diego Camargo (Forte Petrolike – Androni Giocattoli), second and third, respectively.

The rider from Boyaca, who won his third victory of the season, finished the sprint in a great way, and managed to overtake his teammate Alejandro Osorio in the last meters.

Bustamante, who crossed the finish line first after imposing his conditions as a fast man, managing to raise his arms in his department, gave his impressions. “This is very gratifying, we went out with the illusion of disputing the stage, in the end the Pony did the work for the others to chase him, thank him because I kept the stage. The truth is that I am very happy to win in Boyacá”, said the rider from Boyacá, at the end of the stage.

This unprecedented fraction in the history of the competition began with several attacks, first five riders tried, Robigzon Oyola (Team Medellín-EPM), Edgar Cadena (Forte Petrolike – Androni Giocattoli), Edgar Pinzón (GW Erco Shimano), Juan Diego Guerrero (Team Sistecrédito) and Dany Osorio (Orgullo Paisa), however, they were quickly neutralized by the peloton.

After passing the Alto del Sisga the race situation changed and four riders, Brayan Sanchez (Team Medellin-EPM), Bernardo Suaza (Forte Petrolike – Androni Giocattoli), Kevin Castillo (Team Sistecrédito) and Santiago Ramirez (Avinal-Alcaldía el Carmen de Viboral), but they were also hunted by the peloton.

In the end, a reduced group defined the stage in which GW Erco Shimano took the victory after playing their cards with Adrián Bustamante and Alejandro Osorio, who in the final meters saw how his teammate snatched the victory.

The Colombian round will continue this Sunday with the dispute of its second stage in line, an undulating fraction of 139.3 kilometers starting in Paipa and finishing in Tocancipá.

Tour of Colombia (2.2)
Results Stage 1 | Guateque – Vía Chivatá (151,4 km)

1Adrián BustamanteGW Erco Shimano4:01:48
2Rodrigo ContrerasNu Colombia,,
3Diego CamargoForte Petrolike – Androni Giocattoli,,
4Alejandro OsorioGW Erco Shimano,,
5Yesid PiraAlcaldía de Manizales – 100% Huevos,,
6Yeison ReyesTeam Sistecredito,,
7Cristian Camilo MuñozNu Colombia,,
8David CamargoAlcaldía de Sogamoso-Mundial de Tornillos,,
9Juan Camilo CastilloColombia Potencia de la Vida,,
10Wilson PeñaTeam Sistecredito,,

Ranking General

1Rodrigo ContrerasNu Colombia4:17:32
2Diego CamargoForte Petrolike – Androni Giocattoli0:42
3Wilson PeñaTeam Sistecrédito0:48
4Adrián BustamanteGW Erco Shimano0:52
5Javier JamaicaTeam Medellín-EPM1:01
6Yeison ReyesTeam Sistecrédito1:02
7Jonathan CaicedoForte Petrolike – Androni Giocattoli1:08
8Yesid PiraAlcaldía de Manizales – 100% Huevos1:10
9Cristian RicoForte Petrolike – Androni Giocattoli1:11
10Daniel MéndezNu Colombia1:20

Source: Revista Mundo Ciclístico