The second day of BMX in the I Junior Pan American Games was held at the North Sports Center in the municipality of Buga, where the first monarchs of this discipline were defined in history: the Argentine Agustina Cavalli and the Colombian Mateo Carmona, who dominated their respective sections with explosiveness, talent and integrity.

Cavalli did not believe in the perennial siege of the host Manuela Martínez, who aspired to give her family and her people a golden doubloon this November 2, which ended up being silver for her, because no one could approach her at the Argentine rhythm. In third seat came the Brazilian Matie Naves.

Of course, the Colombian BMX had an outstanding presentation, because in addition to the gold of Mateo and the silver of Manuela, it added the bronze of Juan Camilo Ramírez, who ended up looking back at the Brazilian Samuel Pereira at the final goal, silver in the end.

It should be remembered that Mateo Carmona finished fourth in the seventh phase of the BMX World Cup in Turkey just a few weeks ago, so he was one of the most serious candidates for the title, although these are always won on the track.

The Polideportivo Norte of the municipality of Buga witnessed a new achievement for Colombian BMX. In this way, the BMX tests in these I Junior Pan American Games ended, which end on December 5. In total, Colombia won three medals in the races of this sport, Brazil added two podiums and Argentina one.