In a great display, Álder Torres (Muni Frajanes-Llantera Alvarado), teammate of Cristian Cubides from Boyacá, won the ninth stage of the Cycling Tour of Guatemala2023 by winning alone. Guatemalan Gerson Toc (Decoba-ASO Quetzaltenango) maintained the lead of the race.

The local runner took the victory, after traveling 133.8 kilometers between Aldea Barraneché and La Finca el Espinero. In second position came the Costa Rican Sebastián Brenes (7C – Economy – Lacoinex) and third came the Colombian Cristian Yesid Bustos (Cerámicas Castelli-ADD Xela).

The favorites arrived more than a minute behind the escapees, with Sergio Chumil (Hino-One-La red-Suzuki) 4th and leader Gerson Toc (Decoba-ASO Quetzaltenango) 5th, 1:50 behind his compatriot. While two other Colombians entered the top 10, Cristian Cubides (Muni Fraijanes-Llantera Alvarado) entered 7th and Heiner Parra (Canel’s-ZeroUno) 9th.

The solid leader of the Vuelta continues to be the Guatemalan Gerson Toc (Decoba-ASO Quetzaltenango) and in second position is the Ecuadorian Byron Guamá (Movistar Best PC) 2:24 behind the leader. While the beetles Cristian Yesid Bustos (Cerámicas Castelli-ADD Xela) and Heiner Parra (Canel’s-ZeroUno) remained in the top 10.

The hosts have not lost the top title of the event since 2017 with Manuel Rodas, in 2018 it was won by Alfredo Alpacajá, 2019 Rodas again, as well as 2020 and 2022 Vázquez, since in 2021 it was canceled due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

Hino-One-Suzuki stands out as the virtual team winner, while the Chimaltenango Association is in second position at 24:57 and behind Pollería Carmencita at 46:45. For his part, Guamá commands consistency given his 121 points and the host Esdras Morales (Hino-One-Suzuki) enjoys the jackpot of the mountain with 46 units.

The home team’s Brayan Ríos (As de Quetzaltenango) is pleased with his 48 streaks in the flying goals, while the Costa Rican Luis Aguilar ((SevenCard Economy Lacoinex) is at the top of the under-23 classification, but the Guatemalan Edwin Sam ( As Chimaltenengo) lurks just 13 seconds away.

This Sunday the last stage of the Guatemalan round will be held, on a 110-kilometer route on undulating terrain starting in Villa Linda and ending at Finca El Zapote, where we will meet the successor of local rider Mardoqueo Vásquez, champion of the last edition in 2022.

Source: Agencia Prensa Latina y Revista Mundo Ciclístico