REDLANDS, CA. Cogeas Mettler Look North American cyclist Amber Neben did enough on the fourth and final stage to control the breakaway and secure the yellow jersey as the overall winner with 39 seconds ahead of Stephens, winning her fourth Redlands title at her career. Stephens’ teammate, Emily Newsom, took third place a minute ago.

Erica Clevenger of the Sho-Air team claimed victory on the final day of the Redlands Bike Classic, beating Sara Poidevin of the UHC Rally in an exciting final sprint at the Sunset Loop Road Race. Lauren Stephens of Tibco SVB took third place after wheeling her two flight partners to the line in an attempt to claim victory. In the end her effort placed her in the second position of the general.

After the race Amber Neben who won the first time trial where she dressed as leader told “I really arrived without expectations because I have not done many high level intensities, so I did not know how good it was” said Neben.

“I knew I had a lot of depth in my physical condition, but I did not know if I would be good enough to do the race on the road, I thought I would have a good time trial, but it’s always like that, the road race is always difficult. Young team and this is such a difficult race to win without support, my expectations were only to try it in the time trial and see how long I could defend the shirt if I had it … Every day you are one day closer, you start thinking about winning it “, finished (Manuel Rebollo / Press Cogeas Mettler Look)


1. Erica Clevenger (Sho-Air TWENTY20) 2:53:23
2. Sara Poidevin (Rally UHC Cycling)
3. Lauren Stephens (Team TIBCO-Silicon Valley Bank) +0:00:02
4. Megan Jastrab (Rally UHC Cycling) +0:00:53
5. Leighann Ganzar (Hagens Berman/Supermint)
6. Jasmine Duehring (Sho-Air TWENTY20)
7. Simone Boilard (Sho-Air TWENTY20)
8. Emma Grant (Sho-Air TWENTY20) +0:00:55
9. Krista Doebel-Hickok (Rally UHC Cycling)
10. Alice Cobb (Team TIBCO-Silicon Valley Bank) +0:00:57


1. Amber Neben (Trek Red Truck Racing p/b Mosaic Homes) 9:02:34
2. Lauren Stephens (Team TIBCO-Silicon Valley Bank) +0:00:39
3. Emily Newsom (Team TIBCO-Silicon Valley Bank) +0:01:00
4. Krista Doebel-Hickok (Rally UHC Cycling) +0:01:07
5. Emma Grant (Sho-Air TWENTY20) +0:01:21
6. Simone Boilard (Sho-Air TWENTY20) +0:01:36
7. Jasmine Duehring (Sho-Air TWENTY20) +0:01:37
8. Sara Poidevin (Rally UHC Cycling) +0:01:47
9. Leighann Ganzar (Hagens Berman/Supermint) +0:01:55
10. Erica Clevenger (Sho-Air TWENTY20) +0:02:06

Cory Lockwood (Semper Porro) discounted more than a minute to race leader Kevin Vermaerke (Hagens Berman Axeon) to win the Redlands Classic overall classification on Sunday. Knowing that he needed to recover so much time, Lockwood took the attack early to win the title. (


1. Quinn Simmons (Landis Cyclery/Trek Team) 3:39:55
2. Cory Lockwood (Semper Porro)
3. Alexander Cowan (Floyd’s Pro Cycling) +0:02:17
4. Sam Boardman (Wildlife Generation Pro Cycling p/b Maxxis)
5. Ben Schmutte (First Internet Bank Cycling)
6. Noah Granigan (Floyd’s Pro Cycling) +0:02:28
7. Chris Riekert (Team Mike’s Bikes pb Equator)
8. Tyler Williams (Team California)
9. Luis Villalobos (Aevolo)
10. Bernat Font Mas (303 Project)


1. Cory Lockwood (Semper Porro) 11:17:59
2. Kevin Vermaerke (Hagens Berman Axeon) +0:01:25
3. Eder Frayre (Elevate-KHS Pro Cycling) +0:01:49
4. Jordan Cheyne (Elevate-KHS Pro Cycling) +0:01:52
5. Alexander Cowan (Floyd’s Pro Cycling) +0:02:32
6. Sean Gardner (Gateway Devo Cycling) +0:02:44
7. Sam Boardman (Wildlife Generation Pro Cycling p/b Maxxis) +0:03:05
8. Marko Pavlic (DC Bank Pro Cycling Team) +0:03:07
9. Stephen Bassett (First Internet Bank Cycling) +0:03:15
10. Samuel Anderson-Moxley (Team Mike’s Bikes pb Equator) +0:03:16