A total of 54 riders from nine nations will represent our continent in the World Track Cycling Championships, scheduled for October 20-24 at the modern velodrome in Roubaix, France, for which more than 350 riders from almost 50 countries have confirmed. .

The largest troop will be that of Colombia with 16, followed by Canada 15, Mexico with 9 and the United States with 7. In addition, Argentina (2), Suriname (1), Trinidad and Tobago (2), Guatemala (1) will be present. and Barbados (1).

Among the data published by the official website of the International Cycling Union (UCI), 206 cyclists from 37 nations stand out in the men’s field, while 33 countries and 145 names were assured among the ladies, who will compete in 16 medal games.

Here is the complete list of America’s runners:


ARGENTINA: (2) Facundo Gabriel Lezica and Marcos Omar Méndez.

CANADA (8): Hugo Barrette, Ryan Dodyk, Michael Foley, Derek Gee, Mathias Guillemette, Jackson Kinniburgh, Ethan Ogrodniczuk and Nick Wammes.

COLOMBIA (9): Juan Esteban Arango Carvajal, Bryan Steve Gómez, Rubén Darío Murillo Minota, Juan David Ochoa, Julián Osorio Henao, Jordan Arley Parra Arias, Kevin Santiago Quintero Chavarro, Santiago Ramírez Morales and Alex Juan Pablo Zapata.

MEXICO (6): Tomas Aguirre Garza, José Muniz Vázquez, Ricardo Pena Salas, Jorge Peyrot Balvanera, Juan Carlos Ruiz Teran and Edgar Ismael Verdugo Osuna.

SURINAME (1): Jair Tjon in Fa.

TRINIDAD AND TOBAGO (2): Akil Campbell and Nicholas Paul.

UNITED STATES: (2): Gavin Hoover and Ashton Lambie.


BARBADOS (1): Amber Joseph.

CANADA: (7) Ngaire Barraclough, Jackie Boyle, Maggie Coles-Lyster,

Lauriane Genest, Kelsey Mitchell, Sarah Orban, and Sarah Van Dam.

COLOMBIA (7): Martha Bayona Pineda, Juliana Gaviria Rendon, Lina Marcela Hernández Gómez, Yarli Mosquera Quiceno, Jessica Marcela Parra Rojas, Lina Mabel Rojas Zapata and Marianis Salazar Sánchez.

GUATEMALA (1): Joanne Rodríguez Hacohen.

MEXICO: (3) Yareli Acevedo Mendoza, Victoria Velasco Fuentes, Yuli Verdugo Osuna.

UNITED STATES: (5) Madalyn Godby, Mandy Marquardt, Kendall Ryan, Jennifer Valente and Lily Williams.