The Uruguayan Cycling Tour has defined its great favorites after the fifth stage, which was held in two sections: Mercedes – Paysandú in the morning and an individual time trial in the capital of Sanducera in the afternoon. Now the new leader is the one who did it first: the Brazilian André Gohr.

The competitor from Brazil’s Funvic won the time trial with a time of 30:33 minutes and is the new wearer of the golden jersey, which means being the leader of the race, as he dressed after the first stage of the tour. Behind the Brazilian were Jorge Giacinti from the Cerro Largo club and Roeryc Asconeguy from Villa Teresa, second and third, in that order.

The first part of the stage was run in the morning and was won by Sebastián Rodríguez, from San Antonio de Florida, uniting the cities of Mercedes and Paysandú in 131.5 kilometers, with a time of 2:46:12 hours, ahead of the Argentine Abraham Paredez from Mani Zabala (2:46:14) and Diego González from Náutico Bocas del Cufré (2:46:16).

The team competition continues to be led by the Cerro Largo Cycling Club. This Wednesday the sixth stage will be run, linking Paysandú with Tacuarembó, on a 198-kilometer route.

The remaining stages until Sunday 9 are the following:

7th: Thursday 6: Melo-Melo (170 kms)

8th: Friday 7th: Mariscala- Rocha (157 kms)

9th: Saturday 8th: Rocha-Maldonado (198 kms)

10th: Sunday 9: Maldonado- Montevideo (198 kms)