She was a prophet in her land and she said between some tears of emotion “I still don’t believe it.” Anghisbel del Valle won the second stage of the Women’s Vuelta Venezuela and Wilmarys Moreno kept the leader’s pink jersey, in a 77-kilometer section, of the circuit held in the afternoon (3:00 pm) in front of the Bolívar square in Nirgua, state Yaracuy.

At barely 18 years old, since she was 11 riding a bicycle, Anghisbel, from the Fundacion Angie González Carabobo team, finished at the sentencing line with a time of 2 hours, 15 minutes and 3 seconds, escorted by Shantal Zambrano (Shimano La Guaira ) and Daniela Moncada (Import Bike El Vigía) closed the podium with the same figure.

For her part, the leader of the competition, Wilmarys Moreno (Team Carabobo -Owlbike) passed in fourth place (3’09”) and fifth, Karelia Machado (Fundación Angie González Carabobo, MT). Wilmarys Moreno keeps the shirt with a time of 3 hours, 59 minutes and 34 seconds, followed by Rosimber Montaño (2’32”) and Shantal Zambrano (2’55”).

A second chapter with a climate with the threat of rain, on a cool to cold afternoon, with a good attendance of fans, as is customary in Nirgua, land of cyclists, like the Olympian Orluis Aular, of people who know the pedal, a lot pink color that identifies the females.

This time the Mérida team, with its cyclist Daniela Moncada (Import Bike El Vigía) Shantal Zambrano (Shimano La Guaira) and Anghisbel del Valle (Angie González Carabobo Foundation) achieved the biggest escape of the competition, alternating, especially in emotions intermediate.

It was a 77-kilometer section, distributed in 14 bypasses of 5.7, where the leader Wilmarys Moreno (Team Carabobo -Owlbike) remained in a second group of 11 protagonists.

The sprints for the escaped trio

The first sprint, in the second turn, was carried by Moncada, escorted by Zambrano and Del Valle, who in that step took the first difference of 1’10”, which increased with the passing of the kilometres.

The second emotion in the sixth round was taken by Del Valle, followed by Moncada and Zambrano with a difference of 2’08”.

Behind came Karelia Machado, Wilmarys Pacheco, Anghisbel Barrios (Angie González Carabobo Foundation); Alejandra Rodríguez, Raybelis Moreno, Katherine Lindo (Portuguese Team); Zaili Salazar (Shimano La Guaira); Rosimber Montaño (Multibrands Miranda); Verónica Abreu (Team Campo Rico Save me ID Trujillo); Maria Blanco (Miranda); in the middle of that lot was the leader Wilmarys Moreno.

The other two sprints, third (lap nine) went to Daniela Moncada, there at the wheel Shantal Zambrano and Anghisbel del Valle and the last emotion went to Zambrano, then Del Valle and Moncada.

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But the three breakaways from the third turn were complete, taking 3 minutes and 16 seconds, leaving everything to define among them the winner of the second stage in Nirgua, fresh and cold Yaracuyana land, but wrapped in the color of its people. who also knows about cycling and celebrated the triumph of his daughter who runs through Carabobo in a big way.

“I still not believe it”

«I congratulate my colleagues from the Angie González Foundation, the confidence and the opportunity that Angie González gave me; to my adversaries who were tough, to the mayor of Nirgua, Edgar Wilfredo Díaz for bringing our land back. I still not believe it” ; said Anghisbel del Valle with some tears of emotion, which covered her glasses.

third leg

Tomorrow, Thursday, December 1, the caravan will depart from Bolívar de Nirgua square, ending at Manto de María, in Barquisimeto (92.4 kilometers).

classifications 2nd stage

    Anghisbel del Valle (Angie González Carabobo Foundation) 2:15’03»

    Shantal Zambrano (Shimano La Guaira) MT

    Daniela Moncada (Import Bike El Vigía) MT

    Wilmarys Moreno (Team Carabobo -Owlbike) at 3’09”

    Karelia Machado (Angie González Foundation) MT

Individual general classification

    Wilmarys Moreno (Team Carabobo -Owlbike) 3:59’34»

    Rosimber Montaño (Multi-brand Miranda) at 2’32 »

    Shantal Zambrano (Shimano La Guaira) at 2’55”

    María Rueda (Multi-brand Miranda) at 4’46 »

    Karelia Machado (Angie González Carabobo Foundation) at 6’11 »

general sprint

    Wilmarys Moreno (Team Carabobo -Owlbike) 14 points

    Daniela Moncada (Import Bike El Vigía) 11

    Shantal Zambrano (Shimano La Guaira) 9

points classification

    Wilmarys Moreno (Team Carabobo-Owlbike)

Press: FVC