The President of the Pan American Cycling Confederation (COPACI), José Manuel Peláez, issued this congratulatory message for the new year, in which he reviews the main activities and results of American cyclists and federations. We publish it in its entirety.

The last hours of 2022 are always to be spent with family and friends, although the world of cycling also requires spending it, many times, training and preparing for a competition. It is also time for the recount and for future goals, hence, on behalf of the Pan American Cycling Confederation (COPACI), I congratulate you all for the results obtained in the year that we said goodbye to.

In this 2022 we celebrate our Centennial Congress, excellently organized by San Juan, Argentina. There we present the 2025 Agenda, which summarizes the work objectives for the period and responds to the same postulates defended by the International Cycling Union.

We reached world podiums in all modalities and we grew in the national federations that insert riders and teams in circuits and professional competitions in Europe. We also met several of the objectives that we set ourselves in the 2025 Agenda, especially with the creation of two UCI Satellite Continental Centers, one in Trinidad and Tobago and another in Canada.

The fight against doping continues to set our course and we appreciate all the efforts made in courses, talks and clinics not only for cyclists, but also for coaches and medical personnel. Likewise, we have recovered almost all the competitions on our calendar after the Covid-19 pandemic abated in America and we have even hosted World Cups in various modalities.

More than a summary, I take this opportunity to congratulate all the protagonists of these achievements. Cyclists, coaches, federations, medical personnel, journalists and all their families. The challenges of 2023 are already upon us, with a tight calendar of events. We are part of the organization of the Central American and Caribbean Games in San Salvador (June) and the Pan American Games in Santiago de Chile). Soon we will have more news that we will share from our site

Congratulations on 2023… Success, health and prosperity!