The champion of Cyprus and representative of the Roland team of Switzerland, Antri Christoforou, was the first to cross the finish line after the 108.5 kilometers of the Grand Prix Surf City of the Tour El Salvador 2024. Christoforou finished with a time of 2:35:03 hours.

Two-time world champion Elena Pirrone of Italy, also a member of the Roland team, finished second with a time of 2:35:12 hours, while third place went to Lorena Villamizar of the Boneshaker team with a time of 2:35:12.

Christoforou said at the end of the awards ceremony that the team had worked hard to obtain the victory and the points that this Grand Prix delivered. “I am happy for the win which gives us points individually and for the team. The course was tough, the heat was intense and we added the wind to that, but the good thing is that we won thanks to the team’s work,” said the winner.

About her escapes during the journey from the historic center of the capital to Surf City, in La Libertad, she said that it was all part of the strategy that the Roland de Suiza team drew up from the beginning, so she assures that they met the goal.

“This was a team plan, we have to know how to manage the times. We had spoken in advance that, if there was a breakaway by one of the team, we would defend that action and we were able to fulfill it,” said the Cyprus champion.

While double world champion Pirrone expressed her satisfaction for taking second place behind her teammate. “I am very happy to have made the one-two that gives more points to the team. We have to stay firm and meet our objectives; as a group we all want to win,” Pirrone said.

Meanwhile, the Colombian Villamizar said that reaching third place has given her impetus to continue improving in the following stages of the tour. “It was a very tough race, not only because of the weather, but also because of the rivals. There are very tough teams and very strong riders. I am happy to have reached third place and to have scored points in this first Grand Prix” said Lorena.

In the case of the Salvadoran cyclists, the best placed was Shauking Shi, from the Maca-Electrolit team, who finished in 46th place out of 115 participants. The national crossed with a peloton of 47 cyclists, with a time of 2:35:12 hours.

The Tour El Salvador 2024 will continue tomorrow with the Grand Prix El Salvador, which will start its route in the Plaza Salvador del Mundo towards Sonsonate, with a distance of 92 kilometers.

Grand Prix Surf City El Salvador (1.1)
San Salvador – Surf City (108,5 km)

1Antri ChristoforouRoland2:35:03
2Elena PirroneRoland0:09
3Karen Villamizar *ColombiaBoneshaker Project p/b Roxo0:09
4Kiara LylykBoneshaker Project p/b Roxo0:09
5Jessica BonillaE.J Dental0:09
6Vittoria GrassiBePink-Bongioanni0:09
7Claudia San JustoEneicat-CM Team0:09
8Andrea RamírezBoneshaker Project p/b Roxo0:09
9Nicoll García *ColombiaPato Bike BMC Team0:09
10Giorgia VettorelloRoland0:09


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