BOGOTÁ. The 24-year-old Chilean, Aranza Villalón (Avinal GW El Carmen) was crowned champion of the fourth edition of the UCI Women’s Tour of Colombia 2.2, after the 74-kilometer circuit played in the city of Pereira.

Villalón responded to the demanding circuit that had 11 spins and consolidated its leadership to celebrate its second title in Colombia, after the recently achieved in the Women’s Tour.

For its part, the winner of this last stage was the experienced cyclist Natalia Muñoz (Pedalea Flowerpack) with a time of 2 hours, 20 minutes and a second. The second place went to Lorena Colmenares and in third place the champion Villalón arrived.

The title obtained by the foreigner after five days, where the departments of Caldas, Risaralda and Valle del Cauca were toured, was after an accumulated of 13 hours, 34 minutes and 52 seconds. The runner-up went to Bogota Camila Valbuena (Evolution of the Andean Area Fem) at 44 ”and third place went to Natalia Muñoz at 2’23”.

The special sprint champion (Gw Shimano) was Milena Salcedo, Natalia Muñoz took the points prize (Sura), Daniela Atehortúa the mountain (Postobón Apple) and the champion team was the debutante Evolution Andean Area Fem. (Fedeciclismo Colombia)


1 Natalia Muñoz (Pedalea Flowerpack) 2:20:01
2 Lorena Colmenares (Boyacá Raza de Campeones) « »
3 Aranza Villalón (Avinal GW El Carmen) « »
4 Elizabeth Castaño (Coldeportes Zenú) « »
5 Jeniffer Medellín (Evolución Fem Área Andina) « »
6 Camila Valbuena (Evolución Fem Área Andina) +0:00:03
7 Yngrid Porras (Monserrate Smartex) +0:00:07
8 Milena Fagua (Fundación Proyecta) +0:00:09
9 Jessenia Meneses (Team Illuminate) +0:00:09
10 Catalina Gómez (Bettle Campionissimo) +0:00:11


  1. Aranza Villalón (Avinal GW El Carmen) 13:34:52
  2. Camila Valbuena (Evolución Fem Área Andina) +0:00:44
  3. Natalia Muñoz (Pedalea Flowepack) +0:02:23
  4. Jeniffer Medellín (Evolución Fem Área Andina) +0:02:28
  5. Milena Fagua (Fundación Proyecta) +0:02:32
  6. Lorena Colmenares (Boyacá Raza de Campeonas) +0:03:08
  7. Ana Sanabria (Selección Colombia) +0:03:16
  8. Daniela Atehortúa (Avinal GW El Carmen) +0:03:38
  9. Natalia Pardo (Supergiros) +0:03:42
  10. Xiomara Castro (Evolución Fem Área Andina) +0:04:16