The Chilean Aranza Villalón, from the Soltec Team Iberoamerica, was victorious in the Grand Prix MOPT, a time trial of 25 kilometers between City Surf and San Luis Talpa in which 54 cyclists participated, who were present at the Tour El Salvador.

The winner Villalón, from the Soltec Team Iberoamerica, had a time of 35:22:00, beating by a very tight margin the Russian Tamara Dronova, from the Roland team. Dronova finished the competition with a time of 35:22:02. Third place went to the Austrian cyclist and reigning Olympic champion, Anna Kiesenhofer, who obtained a time of 36:10:41.

The Chilean was very excited after winning the title, recognizing that it is her specialty to compete in time trials. “Well, I am very happy to take this victory in the individual time trial, it is my specialty as a cyclist and I ratify that area.

“I am very happy to take this victory, also thank you very much to all the people who are with me, which is mainly my coach Daniel Breti, all my sponsors and the Soltec Iberoamerica team that has me here racing for the first time in El Salvador and nothing, very happy after nine hard days of competition, “he said.

Villalon also told how she experienced the race, since being one of the first competitors, she had to wait for the marks of her rivals to see if she had secured her crown. “I was almost one of the first to start and the truth is this is a test in which you must give everything and I went out with that mentality to give everything and to be able to be on the podium and I longed, I visualized myself winning.

“But in this race you don’t know until the last rider arrives and I am very happy, in life there are always revenge, so in this case I take the first place with a very good podium, I am with Tamara (Dronova) and with the Olympic champion Anna (Kiesenhofer), and I am very happy,” she said.

Prior to the race, the president of the Organizing Committee, Rubén Contreras, confirmed that the Tour El Salvador will be held next year with nine Grand Prix.

Grand Prix MOPT (1.1)
Results | Surf City – San Luis Talpa (25 km)

1Aranza VillalónSoltec Iberoamérica0:35:2242.413
2Tamara DronovaRoland,,42.413
3Anna KiesenhoferRoland0:4841.475
4Elena HartmanRoland1:0241.209
5Valeriya KononenkoUkraine1:4740.377
6Karen VillamizarBoneshaker Project presented by ROXO2:0140.125
7 Antri ChristoforouRoland2:0440.071
8Andrea RamírezBoneshaker Project presented by ROXO2:2439.718
9Kiara LylykBoneshaker Project presented by ROXO2:4039.439
10Kira PayerBoneshaker Project presented by ROXO3:1738.81

Source: El Gráfico y Revista Mundo Ciclístico