Argentina with six gold medals, two of them on the chest of Agustina Cavalli, dominated the first two Rounds of the BMX Latin American Cup without any major problems, held this weekend at the BMX Racing track of the Vicente López Olympic Park, in Buenos Aires .

In the first of the dates, played on Saturday, the dominance of the locals was total with the triumphs of Mateo David Villalba in the men’s junior category; of Franco Maturano among those under 23 years of age, the aforementioned Agustina Cavalli in the elite section for women, while Gonzalo Molina also did so in the elite for men.

The rest of the medals on that day were shared between Colombia and Brazil. The first ones reached silver and bronze, through Carlos Alberto Ramírez and Juan Esteban Naranjo in the Elite section. For their part, the Brazilians added a couple of second places with Priscilla Andreia (Elite ladies) and Leonardo Camargo (Junior men); and a third seat for Maite Naves Barrero in the only category with the presence of women.

On Sunday, the distribution of the podium was more varied and only Agustina Cavalli was able to repeat the throne of the day before. Federico Capello contributed the sixth gold medal for the host delegation in the Junior category; while the Chilean Ignacio Aguilera was the best among the under 23s and the Colombian Juan Esteban Naranjo prevailed among the seniors.

The medal table in this first phase of the Latin American Cup was led by Argentina (six gold, three silver and four bronze), escorted by Colombia (1-0-1), Chile (1-0-0) and Brazil ( 0-2-1). However, almost 70 riders from other nations such as Peru, Bolivia and Venezuela participated in the contest. The next phase (rounds 3 and 4) are scheduled for April 29 and 30 in Indalatuba, Brazil. This Cup has 12 Rounds and will end in November