The Argentine national team made the best of it with five titles out of six possible in the modalities eligible for the UCI ranking in the South American XCO 2023 Mountain Bike Championship, held this weekend at the facilities of the Agua Vista complex in the city of San Juan del Paraná in the department of Itapúa, in Paraguay.

Agustina Apaza shone at the start of the contest in the city of Asunción in Paraguay and won gold again in the Elite category, to extend her streak in Short Track on Paraguayan lands, valid to close a perfect afternoon for the entire Albiceleste delegation in the first day of competition.

In the men’s section, Agustín Durán also contributed to the gaucho cause with the gold medal in that same Elite category, escorted on the podium by his teammate Jorge Álvaro and Paraguayan Sebastián Mirand.

The Aguavista XCO UCI Cup, South American Mountain Bike, brought together the best cyclists from Brazil, Argentina, Colombia, Bolivia, Peru, Venezuela, Chile, Uruguay, Ecuador and the hosts from Paraguay.

The contest was promoted by the Paraguayan Cycling Federation and the Itapuense Cycling Federation, also with the important support of the National Sports Secretariat and the supervision of the International Cycling Union.

Elite Male

Agustín Durán ARG (1:28:58.82)

Jorge Álvaro Macías ARG (1:29:30.77)

Sebastian Miranda PAR (1:29:59.54)

Sub 23 Male

Tomás Montenegro ARG (1:32:16.89)

Luciano Agustin ARG (1:34:34.59)

Mario Antonio Arnol PAR (1:36:37.16)

Junior Male

Joaquin Reyes ARG (1:20:38.32)

Gustavo Gutiérrez ARG (1:22:24.18)

Johan Sebastian Castro COL (1:22:46.13)

Elite Female

Agustina Apaza ARG (1:25:52.47)

Inés Carolina Gutiérrez ARG (1:27:10.60)

Agustina Antonela Quiroz ARG (1:29:23.62)

Under 23 Women

Samira Noemí Martínez PAR (1:36:05.69)

María Monserrat Mendieta PAR (LAP)

Diana Evelyn Burgos PAR (LAP)

junior female

Nicole Norma Agigail ARG (1:17:01.83)

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