The best Cuban cyclist of the last 11 years, Arlenis Sierra, signed the most outstanding performance among all Latin American cyclists in the Road Cycling World Championship, finishing sixth in the women’s route, rolled over 164, 3 kilometers in Wollongong , Australia, one day before the closing of the fair.

In a very complicated day to pedal, with rain and wet terrain, the Antillean ignored being alone within a peloton of 130 runners and with excellent tactics she was able to stay among the forefront of the race, won by the Dutch Annemiek Van Vleuten , escorted on the podium by the Belgian Lotte Kopecky and the Italian Silvia Persico, while the German Liane Lippert and the Danish Cecilie Uttrup were fourth and fifth, respectively.

Although the difference between the top 12 was only just one second, Arlenis exclusively told the digital newspaper Jit that “I would have wanted a better result, I couldn’t and I don’t want to justify anything. I gave it my all, I was a bit cold-headed, but when I jumped in it was not the right time. Incredible that ending, I thought I would win a medal, but it just wasn’t possible and I saw it so close. It wasn’t for fighting, I just needed a little more cold mind”.

The Pan-American multi-champion and world bronze medalist in the points race in 2016 valued in exclusive statements to Copaci that this fifth World Cup foray on the road is like a cherished dream. “I saw the medal very close. The desires to obtain it were many. However, this sixth place means an excellent result, especially since I rode alone, without equipment and I was very exhausted during the more than 164 kilometers.

“It was very hard and here were all the world and Olympic medalists. Nobody was missing. Only that I decided well at all times and was able to always stay among the first, ”she commented.

“It is a result that I dedicate to my whole family, especially to my boyfriend Leandro Marcos who is recovering from an operation, to the friends who never tire of giving me encouragement and especially to those who follow each of the results of Cuban cycling” , said Arlenis, who had her best performance in these competitions in 2021 with a fifth place, since in 2018 she debuted with 27th place and in 2019 it did not go well and she finished on the 39th step.

Cheerful, very enthusiastic and grateful for the exclusive call, Arlenis Sierra confirmed that “road cycling is one of the riskiest, but comforting. Today is one of those days that I will sleep happily. I gave it my all and saw the medal in my eyes. This September 24 is already impossible to forget.