MADRID. After a first day in which no country won more than one title, Australia, which had achieved one of the golds on Wednesday, achieved three more Thursday, to give a blow of authority in the World Cycling Track that is being played in Pruszkow (Poland).

In the pursuit by teams, the Australians doubled gold, in male and female category. In the men’s was also crowned with a new world record, with his quartet beating in the final to his British counterpart, covering the 4 kilometers in 3 minutes, 48 ​​seconds and 12 thousandths, more than a second and a half less than the previous record, which was achieved last year.

Sam Welsford (23 years old), Kelland O’Brien (20 years old), Alexander Porter (22 years old) and Leigh Howard (29 years old) won the final for more than two seconds to the British quartet. In the team runner-up was Ed Clancy, a 33-year veteran who has been a three-time Olympic champion in this event.

The previous world record was achieved by the same Australian quartet on April 5 at the Commonwealth Games in Brisbane (Australia), with a time of 3 minutes, 49 seconds and 804 thousandths. The bronze medal in the pursuit test was for Denmark, runner-up in the last World Cup, which won Canada in the duel for third place on the Polish track.

In the female pursuit, Australia was also the winner, with Annette Edmonson, Amy Cure, Ashley Ankudinoff and Georgia Baker. The silver was for Great Britain, with Laura Kenny achieving her fourteenth world medal, and bronze for New Zealand.

The other Australian gold on Thursday went to Sam Welsford in scratch, beating on the podium the Dutch Roy Eefting (silver) and the New Zealander Thomas Sexton (bronze).

The only one of the finals on Thursday that did not have Australian champion was the male keirin, where the Dutchman Matthijs Buchli was crowned, with the Japanese Yudai Nitta silver and the German Stefan Botticher bronze. ( /


Men’s Keirin.

1. Buchli, Matthijs (NED)
2. Nitta, Yudai (JPN)
3. Botticher, Stefan (GER)
4. Glaetzer, Matthew (AUS)
5. Carlin, Jack (GBR)
6. Vigier, Sebastien (FRA)
7. Mohd, Azizulhasni (MAS)
8. Wakimoto, Yuta (JPN)
9. Dawkins, Edward (NZL)
10. Maksel, Krzysztof (POL)
11. Bos, Theo (NED)
12. Browne, Kwesi (TTO)
13. Kelemen, Pavel (CZE)
13. Jurczyk, Marc (GER)
13. Canelon, Hersony (VEN)
16. Constable, Patrick (AUS)
16. Babek, Tomas (CZE)
16. Kawabata, Tomoyuki (JPN)
19. Pies, Jean (RSA)
20. Barrette, Hugo (CAN)
20. Ramirez, Santiago (COL)
20. Sahrom, Muhammad Shah Firdaus (MAS)
23. Freitas, Kacio (BRA)
23. Archambault, Joel (CAN)
23. Peralta, Juan (ESP)
23. Eilers, Joachim (GER)
27. Quintero, Kevin Santiago (COL)
27. Vorzhev, Pavel (KAZ)

Men’s Scratch Race.

1. Welsford, Samuel (AUS)
2. Eefting, Roy (NED)
3. Sexton, Thomas (NZL)
4. Volikakis, Christos (GRE)
5. Oliveira, Rui (POR)
6. Walls, Matthew (GBR)
7. Schmid, Mauro (SUI)
8. Guo, Liang (CHN)
9. Teklinski, Adrian (POL)
10. Scartezzini, Michele (ITA)
11. de Pauw, Moreno (BEL)
12. 0gladysh, Roman (UKR)
13. Garel, Adrien (FRA)
14. Hegyvary, Adrian (USA)
15. Gaineyev, Robert (KAZ)
16. Piskunov, Maxim (RUS)
17. Phonarjthan, Patompob (THA)
18. English, Felix (IRL)
19. Chalel, Yacine (ALG)
20. Matzner, Stefan (AUT)
21. Karaliok, Yauheni (BLR)
22. Lovassy, Krisztian (HUN)
Leung, Ka Yu (HKG) DNF
Pietrula, Nicolas (CZE) DNF

Men’s Team Pursuit.

1. Australia 3:48.012 Wr
Welsford, Samue
O’Brien, Kelland
Howard, Leigh
Porter, Alexander
Scott, Cameron
2. Great Britain 3:50.810
Hayter, Ethan
Clancy, Edward
Emadi, Kian
Tanfield, Charlie
Wood, Oliver
3. Denmark 3:51.804
Hansen, Lasse Norman
Johansen, Julius
Pedersen, Rasmus
Von Folsach, Casper
Larsen, Niklas
4. Canada 3:56.382
Gee, Derek
Foley, Michae
Jamieson, Adam
Lamoureux, Jay

5. Germany
6. Switzerland
7. Poland
8. New Zealand
9. Belgium
10. Italy
11. United States
12. Japan
13. Belarus
14. Russian Federation
15. Republic of Korea
16. France
17. China
18. Ukraine

Women’s Team Pursuit .

1. Australia 4:14.333
Edmondson, Annette
Ankudinoff, Ashlee
Baker, Georgia
Cure, Amy
Manly, Alexandra
2. Great Britain 4:14.537
Kenny, Laura
Archibald, Katie
Barker, Elinor
Dickinson, Eleano
3. New Zealand 4:16.479
Drummond, Michaela
Botha, Bryony
Edmondston, Holly
James, Kirstie
Buchanan, Rushlee
4. Canada 4:20.321
Beveridge, Allison
Bonhomme, Ariane
Foreman-Mackey, Annie
Simmerling, Georgia
5. Italy
6. Germany
7. United States
8. Belgium
9. France
10. Ireland
11. Japan
12. Belarus
13. Poland
14. Republic of Korea
15. China
16. Russian Federation
17. Ukraine