Three titles out of four in the time trial events and one more on the road assured Bermuda the victory by nations in the Caribbean Elite Championship, held this weekend (October 14 and 15) in Guadeloupe, with the participation of 21 countries of a region on the rise within world cycling.

In the Elite men’s time trial White Conor won gold with a time of 27:36.30 minutes, escorted by his teammates Kaden Hopkins (27:41.39) and Nicholas Narraway (27:54.90), silver and bronze, respectively, in a test contested by 21 runners.

Although it was held in the same race, under 23 prizes were awarded to Nicholas Narraway himself as the monarch of that category, followed by Raphael Lautone from Guadeloupe (29:56.60) and Kyllian Boscher from Martinique (31:19.46), in that order.

In the women’s section of the elite time trial the gold rested on another Bermudian: Gabriella Arnold with a time of 32.56:64. Behind her came Mary Erato from Saint Maarten (33:01.94) and Severine Ferdinand from Guadeloupe (33:05.73). In this case, only gold and silver were awarded in the under 23 category for Kelianne Julus from Martinique (34:01.33) and Liana de Medeiros from Bermuda (35:25.51).

The highlight of the competition was left for this Sunday, when the hosts Damien Urcel and Clémence Briche won the men’s and women’s routes, while Nicholas Narraway from Bermuda repeated his gold in the under 23, as did Kelianne Julus from Martinique.

By nation, the medal table was dominated by Bermuda (4-2-1), followed by Guadeloupe (2-2-1), while Martinique with two titles closed the list of nations that were able to celebrate with champions.