The director of the Bogotá Sports Institute, Blanca Durán, announced in the RCN Antena 2 Sports Center program, the award to build a new velodrome for the capital of the republic that must be delivered at the end of 2025.

The work will begin in the first months of next 2024 and will be located in the populous town of Kennedy, next to a high-performance center and more precisely in the so-called Gibraltar Park, with a cost of 130,000 million pesos.

The new velodrome will be built with the highest specifications required for these scenarios by the world governing body of cycling (UCI), which obviously includes a 250-meter wooden track, covered and equipped with the highest technology and conditions to carry out carry out large local, national and international events.

The area that will be intervened has 15,522 square meters, in which the new eight-meter wide track will be built; dressing room areas, whirlpools, medical offices, infirmary, boxes, judges’ room, press, media booths, unified command post, PMU, and multiple technical spaces.

Regarding facilities for spectators, the covered velodrome will have the capacity to accommodate 2,093 track cycling fans; ticket offices, commercial premises, parking lots, public spaces and urban areas to improve the visitor experience.

In this way there will be three cycling coliseums in Bogotá in the immediate future since the first velodrome that was built in Bogotá in 1952 (cement 427 meters) is still in operation, then the Luis Carlos Galán in the El Salitre Sports Unit (cement 333.33 mts), built for the 1995 Bogotá track cycling world championship and the one now announced, which is excellent news for Colombian cycling.

It is worth adding that, near the capital, in the municipality of Mosquera, the construction of a modern velodrome has also been underway since the previous year, which should be put at the service of Cundinamarca and Colombian cycling at the end of 2024.

Source: Revista Mundo Ciclístico