Costa Rican Daniel Bonilla (Inteja Imca-Ridea DCT) won the fifth stage of the International Tour of Guadalupe by beating Venezuelan José Alarcón from the flight; while Frenchman Stefan Bennett (Team Pro Immo Nicolas Roux) maintained the lead of the race.

The Tico runner took the victory, after traveling 137 kilometers between Vieux-Habitants and Lamentin in 3’44: 36 hours; while in second position came the Venezuelan José Alarcón (Uni Sport Lamentinois) and third came the French Thomas Bonnet (Vendée U).

The two South Americans, Bonilla and Alarcón, starred in the day’s getaway after walking more than 80 kilometers escaped from the lot of favorites, which arrived two minutes late, in a race tactic that played with the location of both in the general classification individual, in which the greatest advance was made by the Venezuelan, seventh now at 6:58 behind the leader.

The pack among the main peloton pursuers was taken by Frenchman Bonnet, who beat Alex Zingle (CC Etupes), Spaniard Benjamin Prades (Inteja Imca-Ridea DCT) and German Heiko Homrighausen (Team Embrace The World). The Venezuelan Luis Guillermo Mora and the Colombian Edwin Sánchez arrived in this fragmented group.

This Wednesday the sixth stage of the International Tour of Guadeloupe will take place, starting in Petit-Canal and ending in Morne-à-l’Eau, over a route of 150.5 kilometers on undulating terrain. The successor of Frenchman Adrien Guillonnet, champion in 2019, will be known on Sunday in Baie-Mahualt.

Tour Internacional de Guadalupe (2.1)

Resultados 5 Etapa Vieux-Habitants – Lamentin  (137 km)

1         Daniel Bonilla          Inteja Imca DCT      3:44:36″

2         José Alarcón            Uni Sport Lamentinois     0:05

3         Thomas Bonnet      Vendée U     2:13

4         Alex Zingle   CC Etupes     2:15

5         Benjamín Prades    Inteja Imca DCT      ”

6         Heiko Homrighausen        Team Embrace The World          ”

7         Gwen Leclainche    CC Etupes     ”

8         Mickael Guichard  Team Pro Immo Nicolas Roux    ”

13       Edwin Sánchez       Team Cama CCD    ”

28       Ever Rivera  ASC Karak    11:05

Clasificación General 5 Etapa

1         Stefan Bennet         Team Pro Immo Nicolas Roux    14:38:10″

2         Clement Braz          CC Etupes     2:01

3         Luis Guillermo Mora         U. Velocipedique M-Galante      2:23

4         Edwin Sánchez       Team Cama CCD    3:02

5         Mickael Guichard  Vendée U     4:37

6         Gwen Leclainche    CC Etupes     6:29

7         José Alarcón            Uni Sport Lamentinois     6:58

8         Thomas Bonnet      Vendée U     7:17

9         Ángel Rivas Molina            U. Velocipedique M-Galante      7:42

27       Ever Rivera  ASC Karak    26:3