In short, the city of Cali will host the First Junior Pan American Games in September 2021. That is the decision that will have been made during the last virtual meeting that has been held between Panam Sports led by the Chilean Neven Ilich and the Organizing Committee of the nascent sports event.

The Minister of Sports, Ernesto Lucena, the president of the Colombian Olympic Committee, Baltazar Medina, the director of the Games José Luis Echeverry, the manager of Indervalle, Carlos Felipe López, the sports secretary of Cali, Carlos Diago and the doctor Dilian Francisca Toro, who was the gesture of the event during her mandate as governor of Valle del Cauca.

The protracted meeting left several issues for further discussion in future meetings and have to do with the adjustments to the affected budgets agreed and which have been affected by the unexpected pandemic of Covid-19.

Among these adjustments is considered the elimination in the original program of some team sports, which in turn will reduce the total number of projected participants by 4,500 athletes.

The Sports Ministry ratified a first support to the event with resources worth 11 million pesos that will be disbursed once the procedures of the Law are fulfilled. The national government will have another important contribution that has not yet been defined by part of the Ministry of Finance. The mayoralty of Cali and the Gobernación del Valle, committed to 50% of the total budget still under discussion, ratifying their support for an event that will undoubtedly be a great engine for the reactivation of the local and regional economy in post-pandemic times.

Source: Antena 2