The 2023 Pan American Mountain Bike Championship began this Wednesday, April 26, in the city of Congonhas, Brazil, a country that celebrates these events for the fourth time in history, which has representatives from 19 countries in this edition.

Canada began the tournament with the title in the highly disputed Team Relay event (relay), after marking 1:31:22 hours with its six riders, and was escorted to the podium by the local team (1:31:39); while the Mexican team finished in third place with 1:32:24)

The Brazilian team, made up of Gustavo Xavier, Otavio Queiroz, Giuliana Morgen, Gabriela Ferolla, Raiza Goulão and José Gabriel, was motivated to compete at home with the support of the fans. The test had a challenging, technical and safe route inside the Parque de la Cascada, one of the most beautiful environmental preservation areas in the state.

The Mexican team had an overwhelming start, placing their best riders at the beginning to try to open up a good lead. On the third lap, a passing summer rain required a lot of self-control and riding technique from the competitors to hold their own in the showdown between the best elite teams from the Americas.

In the fifth lap, the Canadian team took advantage of the youthful energy of the members who remained for the end of the test and managed to take the lead. In the last lap, the participation of José Gabriel made a big difference, being the Brazilian with the fastest lap on the course, placing the country in second position and closing the test just 15 seconds behind the Canadian Maxime St-Onge.

“We did a great test today. The result was the sum where everyone from the team had their contribution. I started knowing that I had to lose more than a minute in relation to Canada to be able to fight for the gold and I ended up reaching the target, but unfortunately there were still 15 seconds to go. We ended up with the silver medal and very happy with the dedication of each one and the vibrant support of the Brazilian fans”, José Gabriel told the local press.

For Carter Woods, the athlete who started the relay for the Canadian team, the strength of the team was responsible for the positive result. “We came with a well-defined strategy and everyone played their role very well, starting with me, who aimed to keep a good position for the team from the start and not let the opponents get away. In addition, the youngest athletes, who make up the junior category and were the last to pedal, gave the final push that was needed to be on top of the podium”, he stated.

Live broadcast

Those who cannot be present at the event do not have to worry. The Brazilian Cycling Confederation has prepared a mega-structure for the LIVE broadcast of the 2023 Pan American Mountain Bike Championship. The programming, with narration and live commentary, will fully cover the Team Relay (XCR), Short Track (XCC), Eliminator (XCE) and Olympic Cross Country (XCO) for the Elite and Sub23 categories.

But all the other tests will also have guaranteed transmission with an open signal for the spectators. To watch, simply access the CBC YouTube channel (