The Canadian national team retained the crown for countries in the Pan American Elite Track Cycling Championship, which concluded this Sunday at the Vicente Alejo Chancay velodrome, where they took another three gold medals at the end to add 11 and lead Mexico (6) and Colombia (3), second and third, respectively in the medal table.

The golden trio for the northerners took place in the men’s Madison, the elimination race and the kilometer time trial, with the greatest role for the world champion Bibic Dylan, who reached four titles in the contest, winning the first two Sunday tests (Mathias Guillemette was his partner in Madison), while James Hedgcock did it in the sprint mode.

The fourth title distributed in the conclusive day was achieved by the Mexicans Antonieta Gaxiola and Yareli Salazar la Madison for ladies; while the Colombian Martha Bayona prevailed in the women’s Kerin and scored her second diadem in the fair.

With the dispute of these five podiums the final point was put, after noon, the 2023 edition of the Pan American Track Cycling Championship ended at the Vicente Alejo Chancay; a contest that was held for the first time in the Argentine province of San Juan and that during the days of high-level competition brought together 18,700 San Juan residents in the stands of the velodrome.

It is worth remembering that after this Pan American the construction works will continue in general in the place as stipulated, because the state of work of the velodrome is not yet 100 percent; and it is expected that by the end of the year that figure can be reached and thus the work can be completed completely.

Results of the fifth competitive date

Madison – Ladies

1- GOLD: Antonieta Gaxiola González and Yareli Salazar Vazquez from Mexico.

2- SILVER: Ariane Bonhomme and Devaney Collier from Canada.

3- BRONZE: Lina Rojas Zapata and Elizabeth Castaño Quintero from Colombia.

Madison – Boys

1- GOLD: Bibic Dylan and Mathias Guillemette from Canada.

2- SILVER: Juan Esteban Arango and Fernando Gaviria from Colombia.

3- BRONZE: Ricardo Peña Salas and Fernando Nava Romo from Mexico.

Keirin – Ladies

1- GOLD: Martha Bayona Pineda from Colombia.

2- SILVER: Lauriane Genest from Canada.

3- BRONZE: Luz Daniela Gaxiola González from Mexico.

Elimination – Men:

1- GOLD: Bibic Dylan from Canada.

2- SILVER: Fernando Gaviria of Colombia.

3- BRONZE: Decar Jacob from Chile.

Kilometer – Men:

1- GOLD: James Hedgcock from Canada.

2- SILVER: Santiago Ramírez Morales of Colombia.

3- BRONZE: Juan Carlos Ruiz Teran from Mexico.

Pan American Elite Track Cycling medal table

USA 17
SUR 11
BRA 1 
CHI  2