During the morning of this Saturday, the first medal ceremony of the XIX Pan American Games Santiago 2023 took place, honors that went to the mountain bike riders, where the two titles were on the necks of Canadian riders: Gunnar Holmegrem among the men and Jennifer Jackson in the women’s branch.

Holmgren (1:17:59) rubbed shoulders with the local hope, the 23-year-old Chilean, Martín Vidaurre, during the seven laps of the circuit (+0:53 seconds), and was only able to beat him by taking the lead of the race in the last round; while the bronze went to the Brazilian José Marques de Almeida. All this at the top of San Carlos de Apoquindo, in the foothills of the Chilean capital.

The 18 runners had to overcome the difficult circuit of 4 kilometers and 200 meters, between jumps and rock gardens. This tortuous and difficult track tested the technical and athletic conditions of the competitors, who were stimulated at all times with the encouragement and stimulation of the Chilean public that was present.

“I am super proud to be one of the first to receive this medal,” said Canadian Holmgren. Later in his statement he added, “it was a track with a lot of technicality and a lot of speed. What I liked the most was the encouragement of the Chilean public,” concluded the Canadian Holmgren.

“I would have loved to give gold to all Chileans, that remains to be done,” said the Chilean cyclist. “It was a very explosive circuit, where you had to have a lot of power,” continued Vidaurre, who will perform in road cycling this Sunday the 29th at Cerro San Cristóbal.

For the delivery of this first of the Santiago 2023 Pan American Games, by Neven Ilic President of Panam Sports, the President of the Games and Chilean Minister of Sports, Jaime Pizarro, was present.

Behind the Canadian Jackson

First place in the MTB for women went to Canadian Jennifer Jackson, who accomplished this feat with a time of 1 hour, 20 minutes and 35 seconds. “I am happy to have given my partner and I these first two golds to my country.”

Within minutes, Catalina Vidaurre, 22, also won the silver medal in the women’s version of Mountain Bike. In this way, the cyclist presented the second decoration to the national team.

The event was also held in San Carlos de Apoquindo and the national team managed to complete the circuit in 1 hour, 23 minutes and 20 seconds.