Boyacá cyclist Carolina Munévar was chosen this week as the Best Paralympic Athlete of the Year in Colombia, according to the Athlete of the Year Awards organized by the newspaper El Espectador and the company Movistar.

A great recognition to the runner born in Cucaita, who won two bronze medals in the Track World Championship, one silver and one bronze in the Road World Championship, and outstanding performances in World Cups this season.

“I feel very grateful to God, happy. This year has been one of great challenges, of joys and also of draining her tears in the race and outside of it. Being a cyclist… being an athlete is not easy, it is a strong, hard, demanding road. Many times the one who sees all this is the family and those who accompany us in the race”, commented the athlete after receiving the traditional award at the ceremony that took place at the Movistar Arena, in the Colombian capital.

“This recognition is for all the Paralympic athletes who represent the country, who fight every day to be better and also to exceed our limits, because a cyclist, an athlete, always exceeds his own limits and never gives up in the face of adversity… ( ); I am infinitely grateful to El Espectador, this space is really beautiful, that today we can have the opportunity to have more people accompanying this event, so thank you very much and God bless you all,” said the athlete.

Munévar was accompanied on the podium in the Paralympic category by the soccer team with cerebral palsy and by swimmer Sara Vargas, second and third, respectively.

The event also featured emotional moments to honor those who inspire us every day, such as Egan Bernal, who received the Example of Life award. Also Flor Marina Gómez, mother of the cyclist, who received a tribute for her resilience and support for her son; and likewise, the drive and determination of a young athlete Lizeth Fernanda Riaño was highlighted, who after losing her vision, found hope for life in swimming.