Catalina Mandarino from Parchment was the first woman in the history of national cycling to preside over the body of sports commissioners of a competition, when she led the peloton that participated in the Tour of the Catamarca Valley at the beginning of December 2022.

She grew up in a family that was always related to cycling, in 2010 she took the course for regional commissioner. “I was born in this environment and it is the sport that I am passionate about,” said Catalina, who later trained to be a national commissioner and in 2019 she traveled to Bolivia to take the elite national commissioner course.

“I like the respect of the peloton, which makes me seek to advance all the time so that the competitions go as well as possible and thus give the organizers peace of mind before the effort they make,” she said.

In her career as a cycling sports commissioner, she is dedicated to directing track and road competitions whether in one-day events, stage races or national championships.

In 2018 she was appointed by the Olympic Committee and the Argentine Federation of Track and Road Cycling (FACPYR) to lead her in the Youth Olympic Games, which were held in Buenos Aires.

In turn, “outside the country I directed in Chile in March 2020 just prior to the closing of borders due to the pandemic, being she also the first woman to leave the country to direct,” Catalina explained.

Her experience as the first woman to rule the body of sports commissioners of a competition was in the Tour of the Valley of Catamarca, which was held between December 2 and 5. “I was for the first time president of the college of commissars and thus the first time that an Argentine woman occupied that place within our country,” he said.

“It was a beautiful experience. I always had the support and the tranquility of having a group of curators and friends by my side who gave me the calm of knowing that everything was going to be fine; They are the first who have trusted me so that I can occupy the place that I occupy today within the commissariat and to continue advancing continuously ”, highlighted Catalina Mandarino.

Prior to this journey in Catamarca, the woman from Pergamon was in the Vuelta al Valle in Allen, Rio Negro, where they spent 9 days with 10 stages. “On that occasion it was the first time I had been away from my house for so many days, it was a total of 20 days,” she assured.

After these important tasks as curator, Catalina Mandarino culminated her sports year last week, with the classic San Francisco Miramar and highlighted that her daily motivation comes from her origins and her family. “I am fortunate to have the unconditional support of my husband and daughters, which makes it possible for me to enjoy each experience,” she concluded in her dialogue.