SANTO DOMINGO.- The Central American and Caribbean Sports Organization (Centro Caribe Sports), has postponed the scheduled visits to the cities of San Salvador, El Salvador and Mayagüez, Puerto Rico, candidates for the XXIV Central American and Caribbean Games 2022, due to the new sanitary provisions imposed for travel to different countries.

The information was released by Luis Mejia Oviedo (DOM) President of Centro Caribe Sports, after receiving a recommendation from the Interim President of the Commission for Future Venues of the organization, Jimena Saldaña (MEX).

The sports organism in charge of the Central American and Caribbean Games had scheduled a visit to San Salvador, capital of El Salvador, from the 24 to 26 of this month, and subsequently would travel to the Island of the Enchantment “Isla del Encanto”,  Mayagüez, Puerto Rico from January 27-29.

“We have welcomed the wise suggestion of the Interim President of the Future Venues Commission, Jimena Saldaña, to postpone the visits to El Salvador and Puerto Rico”, says the leader of Centro Caribe Sports.

The also member of the International Olympic Committee (IOC), declares that “the restrictive sanitary measures recently imposed and to those left to  be taken, hinder the trip of the Commission.”

The members of the Future Venues Commission programmed to carry out these visits were Jimena Saldaña (MEX), Henry Núñez (CRC) and Carlos Cisnero (MEX), as well as Luis Mejia (DOM) and Eduardo Álvarez (VEN), President and Secretary General of the organization.

The new dates for these visits will be coordinated on future dates