Happy to return home, the cyclist César Macías brings a suitcase full of goals and illusions, in addition to the proposal to return to Belgium for the 2022 season and participate in more UCI races that give him sporting maturity and open the way to the France 2024 Olympic Games.

At 17 he left for the old continent with the support of the promoter Patricio Ruiz Sevilla (Patobike) to join the Start Juniors team with Mauricio Frazer, with whom he learned to fall, to chase, to run on slippery asphalt, on cobblestones, in mud. Wherever you find a hard but fun workout or race, that’s the only way to enjoy it.

In September the young rider turned 18 years old and to celebrate it he competed in the World Championship and together with his team they made history in the Paris Roubaix as a Latin American group, in an atypical setting, since in 118 years of that career it is the second time that it has been presented with rain. Caesar arrived at site 40.

Being in Europe is psychologically and emotionally hard, however, they are overcome with the emotion of cycling which in his case went from less to more, since in the first race he got sick, in the second he did not finish, but in the third it was 31 and in Slovakia it was 12 and in Switzerland 11.

With these results, César is confident of getting the necessary support to return in 2022 as an under-23 and have more international scoring races.

Por Yolanda Bueno Benet