The Yaracuyan cyclist César Sanabria (Multimarca Fina Arroz-Capital District) achieved his victory in the 60th edition of the Tour of Venezuela en Bicicleta that concluded this Sunday on the Bolívar Avenue circuit in the Venezuelan capital, where his teammate Luis Gómez , champion of the last edition of the national tour, won on the sixth and final day.

The closing day had a route of 100 kilometers, 20 laps around the Bolívar Avenue route, defined in a sprint that Luis Gómez dominated with a time of 2 hours, 17 minutes and 35 seconds, escorted with the same time by José Díaz and César Sanabria , runner-up of the last edition of the competition.

Sanabria dominated the turn with a total time of 15h, 12m, 52s, for the 685 kilometers that they covered in six stages on roads in the states of Lara, Yaracuy, Cojedes and Caracas, followed by Clever Martínez (Team Carabobo) 15h, 13m, 37s and Franklin Chacón (Bandes-La Guaira Governorate), 15h, 14m, 40s.

The Yaracuyan César Sanabria started the Sunday day dressed in the leader’s shirt and did not face any major difficulties to complete his victory on the Caracas track, always with the support of his teammates, who at all times protected him from any attempt that could be made. jeopardize your position at the top of the standings.

General classification by points:

1.- César Sanabria, Multimarcas Fina Arroz Capital District, 88 points.

2.- Luis Gómez, Multimarcas Fina Arroz- Capital District, 49.

3.- Clever Martínez, Team Carabobo, 47.

4.- Angelvis Arroyo, Banco Plaza/ MUTRAINING, 43.

5.- Jimmi Briceño, Bolivarian Government of Trujillo/Orbea, 30.

President Nicolás Maduro, through a telephone communication, congratulated the champion rider. For his part, Minister Mervin Maldonado, who accompanied the development of the stage, was satisfied with the efforts made by the governments, mayors, private companies and the team behind each athlete and sporting discipline, which contribute to the development of sport. national.

“Despite the unilateral coercive measures, biased arbitrations, logistical problems, among other obstacles that our delegations must overcome in competitions outside our borders,” said Maldonado.

He also highlighted that events like this promote the Venezuelan affirmation and that on the other hand motivate young people to continue dreaming of competing at an international level, representing the country, with the intention of placing it at the top of the podium.

In that sense, the director of the Municipal Institute of Sports and Recreation of the Mayor’s Office of Caracas, Harold Ramos, ratified the importance of the last stage of the Vuelta a Venezuela having been held in Caracas, since it is a cause for joy for the authorities. As for the people of Caracas, that cycling closes a victorious year in the capital and invited to the next edition. “Caracas awaits you for the 61st edition of the return to Venezuela.”