In a riot of conditions and intelligence, the Venezuelan César Sanabria won the fifth stage of the 60th edition of the Tour of Venezuela, the man from Yaracuy won his third stage and with one stage remaining, he was one step away from taking the scepter.

The action began on Cedeño and Figueredo avenues, a 7.4 kilometer circuit; The first movement was made at kilometer six by the veteran, Manuel el “Gato” Medina, (Bandes – La Guaira Governorate), Yilber Ramírez (Osorio Group – Lotería del Táchira – 9Vit Táchira), Luis Pinto (Multimarcas – Fina Arroz – Capital District) and the representatives of the Bolivarian Government of Trujillo – Orbea, Andrés Soto and Yonder Godoy, reaching a difference of 20 seconds to the lot, being captured at kilometer 18 of the competition.

It should be noted that the finish line was located on a small slope, passing first in the first partial emotion, Bonus Sprint, Ysaac Yaguaro (BKC – Venezuela País de Futuro – Aragua), second, Andrew Troconi (Team Carabobo), third, Gregory Guevara (Bandes – Government of La Guaira).

Subsequently, Gil Cordobés’ pupils, Reinaldo el “Cunaguaro” Arocha and Yenfron Guerrero (Bandes – La Guaira Governorate) left the group. During the second Sprint by Points the difference was 1 minute eight seconds, winner Arocha, second Guerrero, heading the lot where the leader was and in third place, Angelvis Arroyo (Banco Plaza – Mutraining).

The duo continued in flight and decided on the third Bonus Sprint, first Arocha, second Guerrero, third, Enmanuel Viloria (Team Carabobo), reaching the leaders at kilometer 65, he immediately lost the Arocha pass and was absorbed by the lot; Seven kilometers later, Guerrero and Viloria are captured, highlighting the tremendous role of the Guairistas.

Before completing the fourth and last Bonus Sprint, Máximo Rojas from Team Carabobo and Pedro Sequera (Bandes – Government of La Guaira) jumped out of the lot, passing Sequera in first position, seconded by Rojas, the difference was 20 seconds, in the group passed third, Andrew Troconi (Team Carabobo), in the penultimate ring of the 18 scheduled, the hunt was presented.

Everything was prepared to decide the stage in a sprint, with 500 meters to go Cesar Sanabria started and put in a spectacular pace to take the victory with a time of 3 hours, 43 minutes, 38 seconds for 142 kilometers of the stage; second, Andrés Soto to a second; and third Clever Martínez (Team Carabobo) also a second.

Source: Revista Mundo Ciclístico