The Colombian cyclist Robinson Chalapud, a member of Team Banco Guayaquil, repeated this Saturday, September 30, the title of champion of the Cycling Tour of Ecuador, which culminated in the Middle of the World in Quito.

In the 2022 edition, the one born in Ipiales had already won the monarch trophy, so now he did it again every year with a level that was unattainable for rivals and references such as the Ecuadorians Santiago Montenegro or Byron Guamá (Movistar Best PC).

The last day took place in San Antonio de Pichincha, a town where the iconic southern point of the world is located. The 74 runners who started in the last phase covered a distance of 116.1 kilometers.

The winner of the sixth stage was Cormac McGeouh (Canel’s Zero Uno). While Chala, as he is known in the cycling world, entered the top 10, a position that was enough for him to be declared the best cyclist of the national round.

In addition to the distance, the runners had to endure an incandescent sun since the competition started, around 09:00, so the hydrating fluids ran out within the 10-lap route, each one of 16 km.

After the respective recovery of energy, Chalapud, who was accompanied by his family who had arrived from Ipiales, went to the awards stage to receive the champion’s yellow jersey.

“I suffered a lot with the fracture in my femur, but thanks to my family and the team I was able to overcome this and now I am celebrating. The title is the result of effort and never giving up and I dedicate it to those who believed in me,” said Chalapud.

Previously, Marco Tulio Suesca (Movistar Best PC) was awarded as the leader of the mountain awards, who ended up beating the Mexican Ignacio Prado in the fight to be the owner of the flying goals.

For his part, Nixon Rosero (Team Banco Guayaquil), who came from behind due to a penalty, was the best of the Sub 23. While the combativeness jersey of the stage went to Brayan Obando (C&S Technology).

As reported, the Ecuadorian Cycling Federation has already started working on organizing the 2024 edition, which is scheduled to take place from August 31 to September 7, with a possible route that would begin in Salinas (province of Santa Elena). , passing through Riobamba, Macas, Manta, Tulcán and would close with a circuit in Quito.