Dominican cyclists Saúl Susana, Juana Fernández and Yimi Rafael Cruz won the gold medals in their category this Thursday in the road time trial corresponding to the Santo Domingo 2023 Pan American Master Cycling Championships that will conclude this Sunday with a circuit on Avenida Mirador South.

Saúl Felipe Susana was the best in the solo event held on Avenida de la Salud, clocking 27 minutes and 22 seconds to win the gold medal in the 30-34 years category.

While fellow Creoles Adderlyn Félix Cruz, with 27:30 and Gilberto José Herrera, with 27:44, settled for the silver and bronze medals, respectively. Hensly Moran (R.D.) was fourth with a time of 30:08 minutes.

Meanwhile, Juana Isidra Fernández Veras won the women’s 50-54 division, stopping the timers at 16:05, followed by the Mexican Adriana Rodríguez, with 17:08.

The vegan Yimi Rafael Cruz was the brightest in the 45-49 division, marking 13:36 and surpassing Puerto Rican Jaime Davila, with 15:55 minutes.

Brazilians prevail

Brazilians Bruno Bassel, Serafim Kelly, Hely Peres and Gerardo Marins won the gold medals in their respective categories.

Bassel won gold in the 35-39 age category by clocking 27:17, followed by the Dominican Héctor Marin Vásquez, 28:17, and the Mexican Juan Pablo Pérez, with 29:13, successively silver and bronze.

Kelly, with 16:24, surpassed the Dominican Maria Burova in the division 45-49, who clocked 16:31.

Instead Peres scored the gold by marking 13:03, being escorted by the Chilean Robinson Miranda, 13:30, and the Puerto Rican Luciano Sánchez, 13:47. Cristiano Fuao, also from Rio, was fourth with 13:59.

Geraldo Marín was the best in the 60-64 category, completing 13:51, followed by the Dominican José Manuel Tejera Fanjul, 14:11, and the Mexican Jorge Chávez, 14:17.

The Aztec Fernando López, 14:49, and the Creoles Luis Tomás Méndez, 15:00 and José Alberto Genao Guzmán, 15:21 were located in the remaining places.

Argentina, Chile, Costa Rica and Venezuela shine

Ariel Concha (Chile), with 26:16 minutes, was the winner in the 40-44, followed by the Costa Rican Pablo Beltrán, 28:10, and the Brazilian Abdou Kamal Chazal, 28:54.

Rieje Giesen (Venezuela), 16:24, prevailed at 55-59, followed by Puerto Rican María C. Witzke, 17:23.

Robert Núñez (Costa Rica) won 55-59, with 13:06, followed by the Mexicans Hubo Barrón, 14:15, and Jaime López, 14.50. The Dominican Ramón Elías Adames, 15:49, was fourth.

Néstor Horacio Morena (Argentina) took possession of the 65-69, with 14:43, followed by José Leonel Medina (Colombia), 15:43, and Heriberto Pruneda (Chile), 16:18.

José Willer (Chile) was the best among those over 70, with 16:37, being followed on the podium by José Espinosa (Puerto Rico), 17:23, and Héctor Larghero (Argentina), 17:54.

The Dominicans Renato Joaquín Peña, 17:57, Eladio Núñez Deschamps, 17:58, and Celso Corripio, 19:50.