With a massive sprint, the first stage of the Tour of Porvenir 2023 was defined, held in San Luis, and surprisingly won by the Chilean Héctor Quintana, who beat Mauro Richeze (Chimbas Te Quiero) and Leonardo Cobarrubia (SEP San Juan) by a few centimeters, who completed the podium in the 149.7 km segment between Tilisarao and Juana Koslay.

The race started in Tilisarao and from the beginning there were breakaway attempts that later proved fruitful for approximately a group of 18 cyclists who came up to a minute ahead of the peloton, but were caught up with 12 kilometers to go for the race. goal.

Then there was another escape attempt by four cyclists with 10 kilometers to go, but it could not prosper as they were caught up by the peloton for the definition in a massive sprint that was finally won by the southern cyclist, a native of Quillón, who thus became in the first leader of the General Classification.

As for the intermediate goals, Martín Vidaurre (Chile National Team) kept the Mountain jersey, while his compatriot, José Luis Rodríguez (Chile National Team) won the overall sprint.

“I felt strong for the end and I couldn’t let go of one of my happiest days since I’ve been cycling. There is good quality in this Vuelta del Porvenir and I would like to win another stage”, commented Héctor Quintana, who defeated local and Colombian cyclists in the pack, the most serious contenders for the throne in this event.

This Thursday, February 2, the second stage of the gaucho race will take place, on a 179.9-kilometre journey starting and ending in La Toma.

Stage 1 Classification

1.- Hector Quintana (Selec Chile) 3h 7m 47s

2.- Mauro Richeze (Chimbas I Love You) m/t

3.- Leonardo Cobarrubia (SEP San Juan) m/t

4.- Juan Pablo Dotti (SEP San Juan) m/t

5.- Leandro Messineo (Chimbas I Love You) m/t

General ranking

1.- Hector Quintana (Selec Chile) 3h 7m 37s

2.- Mauro Richeze (Chimbas I Love You) 3h 7m 41s

3.- Leonardo Cobarrubia (SEP San Juan) 3h 7m 42s

4.-Juan Pablo Dotti (SEP San Juan) 3h 7m 43s

5.- Laureano Rosas (Sports Guilds Cutral Co) 3h 7m 45