The young local Sergio Chumil (Hino-One-Suzuki) finished again this Tuesday in the last section to win his second consecutive stage in the 62nd Cycling Tour of Guatemala, this time over 91.5 kilometers.

Within the southwestern department of San Marcos, the 23-year-old rider gained strength close to the finish line to beat Costa Rican Kevin Rivera (Seven Card Economy Lacoined) by seven seconds and beat Ecuadorian veteran Bayron Guamá (Movistar Best PC) by 10 seconds.

San Rafael Pie de la Cuesta was followed by fellow chapín Toc Gerson (Decorabaños), separated by 13 seconds, and by 14 seconds the leader of the individual general classification, Nixon Rosero, a member of the Ecuadorian team.

The Guatemalan champion of the last two editions and large pre-competition favorite Mardoqueo Vásquez (Hino-One-Suzuki) placed 15th, 54 seconds behind the leader.

Of the Colombians, Rubén Darío Acosta (Teo Copajebal) was in seventh place, 27 seconds away, while Camilo Cubides (Muni Fraijanes) passed in 10th, 43 seconds away, and was followed by Heiner Rodrigo Parra (Canel’s) by a hair. -ZeroUno-Mavic).

The hosts Brayan Ríos (As Quetzaltenango), Henry Sam (Decorabaños and the Chilean Pablo Alarcón (Canel’s Pro Ciclyng), who smiled in the second stage of the competition, stood out at the first flying goal of the competition (Catarina, at 24.7 kilometers). the Return.

At the next finish line of the race (Cruce La Virgen, at 39.8 kilometers), behind Ríos and Sam came the Irishman Cormac Mcgeough (Canel’s Pro Ciclyng of Mexico), surprising winner of the first day.

The third flying goal, located in Pajapita, 47.2 kilometers away, was defended by Ríos, Sam and then by José Gámez (Seven Card Economy Lacoined).

Wednesday’s route (sixth of the turn) covers 142.7 kilometers from the city of Tecún Umán, belonging to San Marcos itself, to Totonicapán.

He has six mountain awards, two of them second category: in San Miguel Calaguache (kilometer 86.2) and Zunil (kilometer 107), and one first category in Santa María De Jesús (kilometer 95.3).

The largest Guatemalan sports festival includes 10 days of battle over 1,452 kilometers in total, with 60 intermediate prizes, 30 mountain prizes and the same number of flying goals.

Colombia has the highest number of victories (25) in the individual general classification, followed by the host Guatemala (20).

Since the inauguration of the Vuelta in 1957 among the nations, in addition, Costa Rica has filed six, Spain five, Mexico three, as well as Venezuela and Cuba one each.

Source: Agencia Prensa Latina