Great news for Colombian women’s cycling! The International Cycling Union confirmed the Continental license for the Clarus-Merquimia-Strongman team for the 2023 season, which dreams of running the women’s Giro d’Italia this year.

This Thursday, the list of eight cyclists who will be part of the Clarus-Merquimia-Strongman team this season, which will be led by Jaime Ramírez, the team’s sports director, was officially presented to the media.

The event, which was held at the Strongman Bicycles 122 store, was attended by the president of the chemical supplies company, Mauro Rayo, the president of Strongman Bicycles, Basilio Aristizábal, and the president of the Colombian Cycling Federation, Jorge Mauricio Vargas Carreno.

The squad of the Colombian team will have a talented and experienced group of eight cyclists led by the champion of the Women’s Tour of Colombia 2021, the Venezuelan Lilibeth Chacón, in addition to the new reinforcement Camila Valbuena, who stood out with the Colombia Tierra de Athletes GW Shimano in the last three seasons.

The renewed roster, which dreams of riding the 2023 Women’s Giro d’Italia, includes cyclists with great experience in the peloton such as Génesis Cortes, Luisa Guevara, Milena Salcedo, Daniela Hernández, Johanna Sepúlveda and Tatiana Dueñas

The team that has already debuted in the National Road Races and is preparing for the Tour of Tolima, also plans to participate internationally in the Tours of Guatemala and Costa Rica, and will aim to be invited to the Women’s Giro d’Italia.

Source: Federación Colombiana de Ciclismo