The excitement of Colombian cycling ignites with the confirmation of the participation of 20 teams and 196 cyclists in the RCN 2023 Classic, also known as the “Duelo de Titanes”. The roar of the wheels will begin to resound on September 23 in Cúcuta, marking the beginning of a challenging competition that promises to be an unforgettable edition.

In line with the RCN Clásico regulations, all squads will be forced to register at least two young cyclists under the age of 23, which adds an attractive component of freshness and promise to the peloton. Fans can anticipate an intriguing mix of experience and youth on Colombian roads.

The mountainous passes that have witnessed historical feats in Colombian cycling rise again as monumental challenges in this edition of the RCN Classic. The most prominent names in the national peloton are ready to face these colossi, which have been the cradle of champions who have conquered the world on their bikes. The race is set for an epic fight and a display of pure endurance.

Reigning Clásico RCN champion Aldemar Reyes of Team Medellín stands tall in the fray. However, the competition will not only come from other teams, but also from their own squadmates who, according to the bets, also start as favourites. The intrigue intensifies at the possibility of an internal battle for leadership.

At the starting line, a select group of names stand out as contenders for the podium and stage wins. Rodrigo Contreras from Colombia Potencia de Vida, Edgar Pinzón from GW Shimano, Wilson Peña from Sistecredito, Alexander Gil from Orgullo Paisa and Óscar Hernández from EPM are ready to fight for the positions of honor. The desire for victory motivates these cyclists, and the 2023 RCN Classic will be the stage where they will seek to make their ambitions come true.

Confirmed teams for the Clásico RCN 2023


Supergiros – Manizales City Hall

GW Shimano Sidermec

Colombia Power of Life


Team Credit System

Team Ediciones Mar de Ciclismo – Boyacá League

Paisa Pride – Antioquia

Zulia Rice – Ángeles Hernández – JB

Tolima is Passion

Avinal – Team Galiz

Indeportes Boyacá Advances

Distri Pumar AGM Consultants

Aguardiente Nectar – Indeportes Cundinamarca – Wcargo

Team Inderhuila – Power Footwear

Depormundo Foundation

Team Fundecom – Goci Footwear

Corratec 100% Eggs with Love – Governorate of Caldas

Team Medellin EPM


Boyacá Energy Company – EBSA

Road Engineering Team