GUANTÁNAMO, CUBA. Like last year, the Tuner Yans Carlos Arias finished strong and beautiful to win the initial stage of the VI National Classic Road Cycling, a stretch of 149 kilometers run on sunny morning from Baracoa to the capital of Guaso.

The solid sprinter surpassed the best auctioneer in the courtyard, the Havana native Leandro Marcos, as well as the Yolanda Fernández, the Holguin-born Frank Consuegra, the representative of Artemisa Félix Nodarse and the Carlos Álvarez, the Spiritist, who led the peloton. hours, 51 minutes and 45 seconds.

Behind were Alejandro Parra from Holguin, defending champion Joel Solenzal from Sancti Spíritus, teammate Yoandy Freire and Luis Ramírez from Granma, all with the same chrono.

The two Mountain Prizes were won by Pedro Portuondo from Santiago, who started in 2017 and second last year.

The first in Palma Clara (km 19), followed by Yasmani Balmaseda (Artemisa) and Solenzal. In Alto de Cotilla (km 29.8) they climbed behind the indomitable Solenzal, Balmaseda, Freire and the Cienfuegos-born Frank Sosa.

In the three flying goals excelled Luis Ramírez de Granma to win one and close second in the other two.

The Santiago Miguel Valido, who runs for Sancti Spíritus, conquered the one located in Imías (km 84.9), ahead of Ramírez and Javier Revilla, of Santiago de Cuba.

In San Antonio del Sur (km 84.6) passed in that order Valido, Ramírez and the Guantanamo Hammel de la Cruz in an intermediate that grants bonus in time, while in Yateritas (km 109) they crossed in front of the multicolored platoon Ramírez, Marcos and the Santiago Couso from Santiago.

This Friday will be the second stage, between Guantanamo and Santiago de Cuba, a stretch that will end in a circuit by the School City July 26, to which the multicolored snake will give five laps to complete the 116.6 kilometers of the day. (Lisset Isabel Ricardo /


1. Arias, Yan Carlos (LTU) 3:51:45
2. Marcos, Leandro (HAB) ” ”
3. Fernández, Yoan Miguel (ART) ” ”
4. Consuegra, Frank Carlos (HOL) ” ”
5. Nodarse, Félix (ART) ” ”
6. Álvarez, Carlos (SSP) ” ”
7. Parra, Alejandro (HOL) ” ”
8. Solenzal, Joel (SSP) ” ”
9. Freire, Yoandy (SSP) ” ”
10. Ramirez, Luis (GRA) ”