With five golds, three silvers and two bronzes, Colombia easily won the medal table at the Pan American Downhill Championships, held in Cuzco, Peru, where Salvadoran Mariana Salazar achieved a historic silver after a year without competing due to a cancer diagnosis.

The Colombian golds came from the hand of Juan José Jaramillo, in cadets; Sebastián Ardila, senior; Gustavo Toro, in master’s degree C; Juan Fernando Muñoz, in elite, and Valentina Roa, recent champion in the 2023 season of the MTB World Series, who was crowned in women.

For her part, Mariana Salazar won a hard-fought silver medal in the elite women’s category, registering a time of 4:13.271 minutes, a mark that earned her the podium medal and applause in the regional competition.

“It is one of the most important achievements of my life for the year I have lived. I felt super good on the bike, I lacked a little physicality and confidence. “I am satisfied, I even have tears in my eyes and I feel proud,” Salazar assured the media after the race.

The rider returned to competitions after announcing her breast cancer diagnosis a year ago and confirming that she is still undergoing medical treatment.

The gold medal was won by the Colombian Valentina Roa Sánchez with a time of 04:05.876 minutes and the bronze medal was won by the Mexican Christine Lewis Montes, with a time of 04:46.344.

Elite Lady Category:

Valentina Roa Sánchez (COL) 4:05.876

Mariana Salazar (ESA) 4:13.271

Christine Lewis Montes (MEX) 4:46.344

Elite Men Category

Juan Fernando Muñoz (COL) 3:23.620

Sebastián Holguín Villa (COL) 3:28.430

Felipe Ignacio Agunto (PAN) 3:31.878

Junior Category

Caio Viera Werneck (BRA) 3:35.638

Simón Restrepo (COL) 3:44.732

Kalto Miguel Roldari (MEX) 3:47.590

Master Category C

Gustavo Adolfo Toro (COL) 4:50.503

Benjamín Claudio Muñiz (PER) 4:51.914

Rolf Ulrich (USA) 4:53.828

Master Category B

Ricardo Preciado (MEX) 3,55,595

Wilmar Fernando Ríos (COL) 4:05.525

Jorge Mario Jaramillo (COL) 4:07.569

Senior Category

Sebastián Ardula González (COL) 3:58.630

Christofer Ariel Pica (PAN) 4:11.977

Bastian Nicolás Valdivia (PAN) 4:13.798

Minor Category

Fausto Sauma (ARG) 3:49.644

Theo Borges Da Costa (BRA) 4:00.505

Jerónimo Londono (COL) 4:08.801