BOGOTÁ. With the absences of the Antioqueño pilots Diego Arboleda and Carlos Oquendo, the national team Manzana Postobon of BMX is getting ready to play between Friday 13 and Saturday September 14 the new series of the UCI Supercross World Cup, punctual to the Tokyo 2020 Olympic ranking, in Rock Hill, USA.

For the 7 and 8 valid UCI tournament, those led by Germán Medina will be presented with the Olympic Mariana Pajón and Carlos Ramírez as the main cards for the international competition in the United States.

In the UCI BMX Supercross World Layer ranking, after the series of Great Britain, Holland and France, Pajón is ranked 9 with 350 points, while Ramírez is ranked 21st with 200 units. (Fedeciclismo Colombia)


Mariana Pajón

María Camila Restrepo

Melissa Vargas

Andrea Escobar Yepes

Valentina Villegas


Carlos Alberto Ramírez

Vincent Pelluard

Samuel Zuleta Vasco

Juan Felipe Ruiz

Miguel Calixto

Juan José Buitrago

Juan Esteban Echeverry

Jerónimo García

Santiago Suárez

Juan Esteban Naranjo