Colombian BMX had a brilliant weekend with good omens for the big goals of the season. The legion of national pilots collected a total of 20 medals (10 golds, 6 silvers and 4 bronzes) at the Citrus Classic Nationals, an event organized in Sarasota, United States.

Mariana Pajón led the sequence of triumphs and the Colombian dominance on the American track, which enjoyed the great competitive level of the two-time Olympic champion, as well as that of the entire delegation that represented the country in the championship and challenger categories.

Diego Arboleda and Mateo Carmona were the first to win the applause of the public, achieving one and two in the Pro Open category on Friday, something that would be seen again on Saturday, but this time in the women’s category with Mariana Pajón and Andrea Escobar. Carlos Ramírez took the podium with a creditable bronze.

On Sunday, at the closing of the contest, Mateo Carmona again triumphed with great determination. The Antioqueño claimed his second victory beating the Brazilian Anderson Souza and the American Jeremy Smith, a benchmark for the Olympic Games.



1.Mariana Pajón – Gold Pro Open Ladies

2. Andrea Escobar – Silver Pro Open Ladies

3. Nicole Foronda – bronze mix open 13 – 14

4. Simón Acosta – bronze open 15-16 years

5. Santiago Santa – gold open 17-20 years

6. Nicole Foronda – gold expert ladies 13 years

7. Manuela Roldán – gold expert ladies 15 years

8. Manuela Muñoz – bronze expert ladies 15 years

9. David Restrepo – gold 25-35 experts

10. Carlos Ramírez – Men’s Pro Open bronze


1.Mateo Carmona – gold pro open men

2. Nicole Foronda – silver mix open 13 – 14

3. Santiago Santa – silver 17-20 open

4. Nicole Foronda – silver expert ladies 13 years

5. Manuela Roldán – gold expert ladies 15 years

6. Manuela Muñoz – silver expert ladies 15 years

7. Lorenzo Idárraga – gold 7 years experts

8. Simón Acosta – silver 15 years experts

9. Santiago Santa oro 17-20 years experts

10. David Restrepo – gold 25-35 experts

Source: FCC