As if to confirm their power in American cycling, riders Elizabeth Castaño and Juan Felipe Rodríguez won the titles of the Santa Catarina Grand Prix, the last of the three competitions held in the Urubici municipality of Brazil.

The Colombia Pacto Por El Deporte-GW Shimano closed its tour of Brazil with a flourish. Elizabeth Castaño and Sara Juliana Moreno finished 1-3 in the women’s section, contested over a 62.2 kilometer route.

The leading role in the approach to the finish line was once again on behalf of the women of the Ministry of Sports team, who dominated the three races from start to finish in Santa Catarina territory.

The last Brazilian test on the America Tour UCI calendar started at a good pace with the group of more than 50 runners, under pleasant weather, which allowed the race to become intense and very fast despite the fact that the terrain had some slopes.

The final podium was adorned by the Antioquian Elizabeth Castaño (Colombia Pacto Por El Deporte-GW Shimano), who was accompanied by the Brazilian Ana Vitória Magalhães (Brazilian National Team) 2nd and by the Boyaca native Sara Juliana Moreno (Colombia Pacto Por El Deporte-GW Shimano) 3rd.

Colombian cycling continues to shine in Brazilian territory. To the good performances and triumphs achieved by the riders of the Colombia Pacto por el Deporte – GW Shimano in Brazil, the Pío Rico – Alcaldía La Vega is now added.

On his part, in the men’s section, Juan Felipe Rodríguez, gave a great demonstration on his bicycle and won the Santa Catarina Cycling Grand Prix alone. The beetle covered the 79.2 kilometers of the route in 1 hour, 42 minutes, 04 seconds, starting and finishing in the municipality of Urubici.

Rodríguez was 19 and 23 seconds ahead, respectively, of his closest pursuers: the Bolivian and teammate, José Manuel Aramayo, and the local runner Euller Magno Rabelo (UniFunvic – Pindamonhangaba).

The Bolivian squad also managed to put two more runners in the top 10 of the test. The Colombians Jorge Camilo Castiblanco and Juan Esteban Guerrero were sixth and eighth, 50 seconds behind their compatriot and great winner of the day, Juan Felipe Rodríguez.

Source: Revista Mundo Ciclístico