The twenty-first edition of the International Women’s Cycling Tour of Guatemala began this Wednesday with a prologue won by Colombian Andrea Alzate of the Colombia-Eneicat CM Team, who will wear the leader’s jersey in the first stage this Thursday.

The sports setting for the prologue was the National Velodrome located in zone 13 of the capital. And with a kilometer of travel, the Colombian Alzate won the victory by marking 1:13.055 minutes, inferior to the also Colombian Karen Loren Villamizar of the Patobike (1:13.088) and that of the Venezuelan Lilibeth Chacón of the Clarus Merquimina (1: 13,089).

The first stage of the Women’s Tour of Guatemala will be this Thursday, June 8, when starting at 9:30 a.m. the cyclists will leave in a caravan to complete the 114.8-kilometer route of the circuit in Parramos, Chimaltenango.

The route will be from Parramos-El Tejar roundabout-Kilometer 58-Entrance to Parramos (seven turns)-Parramos. The starting point will be the central park of Parramos, with a neutralized exit of three kilometers; and the goal will be located in Parramos park. Three flying goals will be at stake, at the end of the second round (kilometer 32), fourth round (kilometer 64) and sixth round (kilometer 96).

Programming of the stages

First stage: 114 kilometers (June 8): Parramos-El Tejar roundabout-Kilometer 58-Entrance to Parramos (7 laps)-Parramos 114

Second stage: 121.2 kilometers (June 9): El Caman-Puma El Pinal gas station-Entrance to Patzicía-Entrance to Caman (9 laps)-El Caman

Third stage: 118 kilometers (June 10): Pamezabal-Interamericana-La Cuchilla-Pasarela Colua K, 140.5 (5 laps)-Pamezabal

Fourth stage: 60 kilometers (June 11): Central agency Bantrab-10a. Avenida Estadio Doroteo Guamuch-Central Bantrab (12 turns).